Wealthy Tyrant Law Required.

So what do you do when you have billions and you own mansions, your own landing fields, a G6 or two or three, any car you want in history, mansions galore, the biggest yachts in the world and have billions or millions to burn? Why you start to act like a wealthy tyrant to enslave others, that’s what. You do it with good intent of course (the road to hell is paved with good intent) to make the world a better place while you deny others a chance to be able to enjoy some of what you earned or built. Let me cite a few fine top examples if I may. I call these wealthy Billionaires and Millionaires who have decided to wreck other peoples lives with their extreme personal wealth and power “Communaires” because while they enjoy their super elevated standard of living they intend to trash yours. Examples.

Michael Bloomberg:

Communaire #1 Is an ASSHOLE!

A perfect poster boy as a Communaire. His leanings support the Obama Administration and this TYRANT not only wants people to be defenseless, so much so, he has set up anti-constitutional groups to kill the 2nd amendment to the constitution to grow more tyranny, but this vicious thug, this low life moron wouldn’t even let people buy large sodas, that is how much of a TYRANT this piece of excrement is and you wonder why people hate Jews and if this one ain’t bad enough I’ll give you an even worse one.




The next Communaire on the list is none other than Fatboy himself the biggest one of all who has destroyed more lives around the globe than anyone else has achieved as a Communaire. (By the way I am Jewish 😉 ) and you wonder why the super wealthy Jews are hated by everyone.

George Soros:

Sig Heil for Asshole #2

This JINO (Jew In Name Only) turned in Hungarian Jewish families to the Nazis as a child. I guess when you are evil, you must start young and he did. When interviewed, this gem of a human excrement said the Nazi occupation in Hungary exterminating Jews and Gypsies were the best years of his life and guess what. The corrupted American Liberals and RINOS all welcomed him to destroy not only America, but also the entire Western world, in fact he even tried wrecking modern Russia too. This guy is so bad and has funded so many evil groups that in California for example, you cannot even get plastic grocery shopping bags and it’s all his fault! And that is where it gets started. For more reading on what this Communaire TYRANT has done, go here… http://commieblaster.com/george-soros-fund/

This is one of the worst Communaire tyrants that exist and he has blood on his hands as well.


Wealthy TYRANT #3

Jeffrey Immelt

Creates Jobs … Elsewhere!

Here’s another moron, hired to create jobs in America. Actually his company the one that “Doesn’t Bring Good Things To Life” instead they are a major MONOPOLY in almost everything. He was supposed to create jobs. Guess what. He is losing more American jobs to foreign enslavement. When was the last time you bought a GE Toaster that lasted for decades? They used to make great products and stand for something, now they stand for a lot of cheap crap, and this guy is another wealthy tyrant wrecking American lives. http://www.wsj.com/articles/general-electric-says-to-move-500-u-s-jobs-overseas-due-to-ex-im-bank-closure-1442322192

Tyrant # 4

Bill Gates

This is how much your life is worth to this Tyrant.

Made his billions in America, wants you to become a socialist slave, need I say more? Okay I will. Stiffed IBM (International Bowel Movement) and then has Windows 10 and what does the Windows OS do for you? It has been revealed it spies on you, that’s right. His product tells the government everything about you on your computer and that is where this punk who got a big break in the American Capitalist system is just getting started. He thinks socialism is okay for you, just not himself. Hey Bill, you and the wealthy others are TYRANTS and we need you stopped and here is what is required to stop all of these wealthy bastards.



“The Communaire Tyrant Act” yes a law just for the big guys and gals.

The law first would qualify what a wealthy tyrant is and stop them cold after implemented.

A wealthy tyrant is one who uses their money, prestige and power to destroy other’s lives. Either through funding violence like George Soros has done. Stripping away your base freedoms like Michael Bloomberg has done. Spying on you through their products and supporting socialism and communism much like Bill Gates has done. Selling out your jobs so you cannot survive like Jeffrey Immelt has done and these are just a few prime examples. Or be against the Constitution and your freedoms and liberties as all these fine examples have done. So these people qualify as Wealthy Tyrants and of course definitely as “COMMUNAIRES” …!

Once found guilty under the Tyrant Act, their assets including properties become frozen and are seized, and that goes for the many other ones I didn’t add in here as well and there are a lot of them.

They can no longer vote in American Elections nor contribute any money either directly or indirectly through a proxy group or organization to political causes.

They can no longer have any amount over $5,000.00 in a bank account, cannot own any real estate that totals more than $5,000.00 must live in public housing their remaining days. All of their property is then sold off, proceeds going to people they have hurt. This means they must live at the bottom since that is what they want for you, and with very limited rights.

That’s right, oh and if anyone died because of their actions, they should be sent to death row after being tried for murder in a real court of law.

In essence let them be POOR. Let them NOT have the opportunities they are trying to deny you. And if someone dies because of them, let them be TRIED for murder like anyone else. Show all of these wealthy communist loving bastards they are nothing more than you and I and they can suffer the same consequences.

Am I onto something here? A very resounding YES!!! Is it time for a Wealthy TYRANTS Act to stop these giant monsters from destroying our lives? YES, question is who has the guts in government to stop the evil these wealthy BASTARDS do to others? Time will tell.


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