Are news anchors and newscasters…

…and even in-the-field news chopper people all in jeopardy of losing their jobs?

Imagine an android reading the news, she’s cute huh, or a hunky dancing droid weatherman.

How about drones replacing new choppers and crews while a pre recorded audio clip enhances what you are seeing. Think it is fictional. Get ready folks, human’s doing the news may soon become a group extinct and it is already happening. Thanks to Communaire Bill Gates people, they have managed to program a droid as news anchor and it don’t stop there.

Drones are everywhere. Imagine a small drone with a high def camera over a traffic accident

So will this happen? The better question is it is probably inevitable. See, human’s require unions, contracts, agents, makeup artists. The droids require a battery or power plug, they don’t get paid! The drone requires a single operator, a news chopper requires a weatherman or girl, pilot and perhaps even more staff, a chopper and gas and maintenance for it. What does a great drone cost…five hundred bucks these days? This is my point, I believe the encroachment of these technologies is inevitable thus leaving many in today’s current news, weather and sports business unemployed.

It seems logical the major studio news networks will use these first and then later smaller newscasts will use this. It will eventually go the way of Newspapers and Paper Book Publishers and even Radio Stations, such as Desktop Publishing, News Blog sites and stream radio stations anyone can operate have done. Gone will be the days of the cute news girls or hunky news guys and all of their human antics as machines and technology takes over. It’s progress.


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