And now a letter to Mr. Ailes.

Thank you for wonderful work. Much still needs be done to fix KTTV and particularly its morning lineup. Leaving something broken and playing musical chairs won’t fix what is broken. Ratings could be much better. Here are my key points.

Qualify your customers aka. your viewers. Advertisers are your commodity, viewers are your customers. When are they watching, at what times, for what reason, what do they want (genre)

Adjust the programming of news and entertainment to accommodate your customers.

Make entertainment venues entertainment, not extension of news.

These points fix the KTTV morning making it better. Otherwise it is a mish-mash of programming and please don’t blame the before-the-camera talents or production people as this is an executive decision.

If you want more, I have laid out my thoughts in the GDLA Bash and FOX Bash sub blogs here, read those. KTTV could offer its customers much better, I know because I am one of them. One last note. Your customers are the ones who control the TV clicker šŸ˜‰ not the advertisers. Simply ask who has to stop watching who and it becomes abundantly clear. Advertisers cannot change channels.


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