How Star Trek Brainwashed the world to communism.

So there is this very grand notion that world politicians must destroy their countries, particularly capitalistic western civilizations and usher in a brand new world government where no “WESTERNIZED country is allowed to have borders, and wait. If you think it is just the west, nope. They plan this for every country including you guessed it, Russia and China amongst others. I keep hearing the term Illuminati but it goes way beyond that, it cuts back to the hippy era past where people jumped off of rooves to fly like a bird on LSD (something that has begun making a big comeback.) So how does everyone’s favorite Federation series with Kirk and Spock usher in the global communistic madness?

Well, the communist party had to do something and in the 1960’s began quietly getting into Hollywood. Joe McCarthy was absolutely right about Hollywood and the many communists that congregate there and believe it or not, your truly here has crossed paths with these TINSELTURD scumbags and they are (I guarantee ya) the very lowest of the low on the face of God’s great Earth. In fact, I would have to state that sidewalk chewing gum scum is better than many of these delusional TINSELTURDS are.

So now, onto Star Trek. In Star Trek we keep always hearing about “The FEDERATION” and what is the FEDERATION? It is a one world government and where is it based out of on the whole wide world where a one world government could be based or headquartered out of anywhere? Why it is based in San Francisco, one of the worst hotbeds of American communism ever. And is this one world government for you making a decent living? Nope, it is a utopia where you get free food and drinks. When queried about money in an episode of Star Trek by someone from the 21st century, the then captain of Enterprise “D” Jean Luc Picard states “We no longer try to attain wealth, we work to better ourselves.

If all of this doesn’t add up to communism then I don’t know what does, but it gets even darker than this.

Here is a link to Forbes magazine, they noticed this too.

Like good little communists obeying their state superiors, the commanders can order there civilian citizens to put themselves in a position that extinguishes their very existence. That’s right, being ordered to die at 20 or 30 something. This has happened in many episodes of Star Trek and oh, people dream of attending the communist Star Fleet Academy so they can fly around the galaxy in a star ship waiting at a moments notice to be ordered to die. This has also been put out there as well. Starting to add up yet? And where is all of this communistic propaganda out of? You guessed it, Hollywood California, a hotbed of anti-American, anti-Western hard totalitarian communist scumbags who enjoy living under extreme wealth, but they want you to be a communist slave so they can feel better than you.

Today’s uneducated politicians believe they can really make a utopia work, but in practice all communism does is create slavery, misery and deaths. It establishes a very few powerful people to rule over everyone else, even worse than the days of Kings and their monarchies. Maybe the perfect utopian communism looks great on paper, but try buying food on a bread line that stretches a mile, or…. you can go to work, earn a few bucks, walk into a supermarket and buy a fresh loaf of bread and that folks is why Star Trek, Hollywood and the TINSELTURDS are just what they are, communist losers.

More articles on this read these… Just remember not to support Hollywood’s communist propaganda. In essence boycott vendors and don’t buy the merchandise. That is the quickest way to bring the communists back to capitalism!


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  1. Advanced Space Socialism

    LOL after decades of anti-communism and decades after the public release of USSRs files how many hollywood directors were proved to be in the communist party? Exactly ZERO. Sorry that you have been brain f&*&£d by reactionary capitalist ideology wage slave but no need to take it out on a family show that had the guts to suggest that it was possible to end hunger and had an economic argument on how to do it.

    Why don’t you argue against it on rational rather than emotional basis? Is it possible that this is because your rational godly instinct has been thoroughly destroyed by emotional manipulation? Jesus was a communist. Join the rest of us in the real world. Shock yourself (and me) by reading some marx instead of pretending you know everything about something you have never studied first hand in your life.

    You think in the exact way that those with power and money want you to think.

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