The Begging Desk Part II

And now for the Begging Desk Part II. So FOX KTTV built new desks for the news team and the following show “Good Day L.A.” and what did they do? Well for Tony and his sidekick news anchor in the mornings, this works. For GDLA it doesn’t.

I complained a long while back that it makes the main host a Mr. Steve Edwards and others who stand at the end of the desk appear to be “BEGGING” to talk. The desk feature the two side kick anchors seated, the main host standing, Why? I mean, what dumb asshole designed this for TV Viewers, do they really think that viewers are that stupid? It definitely shows very little respect for the viewers and even less for the main host of GDLA.

So they finally started giving Steve Edwards the main host a seat on the end. How about this, you KTTV executive SCHMUCKS, how about sticking the main host dead center for viewers and treat him and us the way we should be treated with GREAT, GREAT dignity, after all it only takes a viewer to click to another channel and you ratings go down the toilet faster than used broccoli on a bad Sunday!

Seriously, since the current management appears to need serious viewer aka. “CUSTOMER” input or help here is how it should be.

Chuck the BEGGING Desk, get a semi-circular big table, seat the main host in the very middle, seat the co-hosts on either side, seat the weather person on the left and the entertainment person on the right. That is 5 people, let them all participate. Now how’s that grab all the executive putzes at KTTV?

Make it look like this.

and this

and this

and this

That’s right. Everyone else gets it, KTTV and FOX don’t.


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