Junya On The Weather

Donut Phobe

Donut Phobe

Yes, I must commend the guy who will never ever ever ever have the guts to visit Mama’s Donuts and try a ‘Cronut’ on his work in the KTTV studio while Maria Quiban is away. Mr. Tehatchapi Map aka the Santa Susanna guy actually in my humble opinion makes a better anchor weatherman then the poor lady he replaced. By the way Maria, I said a prayer that your hubby recover. Meanwhile as sad or vicious as it is, execs will  seriously look at Rick Dickert’s performance and if they come to the conclusion I have, might well change things around. Now, I don’t wish this on Maria Quiban. People have told me she is a real sweetheart of a human being and while a few times I complained about the weathermap lacking the central San Fernando Valley (pop. 2.3 million) I also noted each time I did not blame her. Just wanted to reiterate everyone out there reading this.

As for the current situation. I commend Mr. Rick Dickert (shsssh folks, don’t mention to him he is a donutphobe) on a weather anchor spot that is honestly upstaging a erhmmm, Pablo here or there. And while Maria is prettier to stare at, Rick’s performance over all is tops.

I suspect Maria will eventually return and Rick will be safely flying over Mama’s Donuts in the Lake Balboa area, continuing to miss out on their great and grand cronuts. Hey Rick, if you don’t believe me, just ask this sweet lady, she’ll tell you how yummy Mama’s Donuts Cronuts are.

Love Mama’s Donuts Cronuts!!!

Maybe you can bring the ladies at GDLA a few boxes one cold morning.

Cronuts from Mama’s Donuts.


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