Making Ends Meet In A Commie World.

Instead of building new cars, repairing electronics such as computers, even serving food as the jobs disappear around the world in the new commie utopia, what is the generation of the 21st century turning too? Yup, you guessed it…SEX!

And let me go one further, even that is a temporary one as new Sex Robots are here and will soon be flooding the marketplace in our new world wide utopia. Isn’t communism great folks? I mean why ever work again when you can lay on a fat ass like a pompous oaf and get everything for free?

So what is this new above ground economy you ask?

A number of people informed me of this and I took a gander for myself to see just what they were all talking about.

“Something old, something new” or it seems. Online around the world, men and women and gay and transsexuals are going online in what are called live cam shows. You access these actually for free or in pay sites. You purchase tokens online at the site and then they perform all kinds of adult acts and you pay them with these things called tokens. Great! It gets worse and better depending on your point of view, all at the same time.

The people online whom are destroying their very lives IMHO and their future reputations engage in these. They run games, like gambling games, guessing games etcetera. Now from what I have investigated not all do these. There are people who also use these for a flash and mainly just to talk and vent. When visitors pay tokens to them you hear a tink or even other exotic noises. This is people throwing their money into a potential peep show.

Now if you think these people make pennies on the dollar, try a thousand dollars a day profit. Many of them make big bucks, and a number of them are online 50% of the day, from all around the world earning even more money than that from their orgasmic performances. Old, young, men,women,couples, straight, gay you name it. The beautiful women of Greece a country in financial ruin are very much alive and raking in the bucks. Is this America’s future or the rest of Europe?

Throw in a device called an Omibod. An evil marvel of modern technology and what is this and the other manufacturers of this instrument? It is a woman’s vibrator, sorry guys, you are at a disadvantage here, the girls win ( or lose depending on your viewpoint )

The Omibod

The Omibod (sounds like ‘Oh My God’) vibrates when someone pays money online thus it is placed to create a pleasure on the performer online live. I actually went to their website for the product and it is amazing (and sick at the same time) this exists. So people paying tokens can actually physically affect an adult performer online while they are running their disgusting little peep shows.

I was able to witness some malevolent people in the public, waiting for a performer to start taking a drink of water from a glass when they zinged her with tokens, shocking her and almost choking her. She cursed at them for that! So what does all this have to do with making money?

Depending on a website as they vary significantly, I was able to find out these people are averaging a grand or more as mentioned previously ( $1,000.00) per 24 hours and thus an underground economy of sorts, though not really. The websites keep a W2 for U.S. Citizens and report to foreign governments what their citizens are making too. But it is a lot of money ( average $52,000.00 per year) and it does go far to explain what is going on, how the net is being exploited once again for x-rated content, only this time it isn’t the pornography of the past, rather the very LIVE pornography of the here and now and why does it exist mainly in the USA? Because the politicians here have destroyed jobs, so much so, that a wife, mom, husband, child, relative or couple must rely sadly on this filth to survive and I think that says it all.

Where are the simpler times when we had work, borders, tariffs and jobs like in the last century? Where has the innocence gone???


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  1. So what did I mean by this. Do you all know robots will soon replace many jobs. How will people earn a fair living? This article points out how bad it is now and I wanted to show you that even the sex industry is doomed as a income resource. Utopia’s don’t work folks and sadly our young and even older folks are starving to this. What remains for tomorrow? This posting was not about x rated activities but rather to illustrate how far survival has fallen in the world and where it is heading.

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