Araksya here is the problem.

It was nice seeing Steve’s office. I met and helped him and his wife, they are super sweet folks. Personally, I would love to see GDLA flying high and let me state for the record, that I honestly don’t want anyone losing their job or jobs in these very stringent times. But here is the real crux of the problem.

GDLA has turned to you to plan and help the show along with others. This is all fine and good and you are a dear sweet lady, as are the other folks behind and in front of the cameras. But viewership will continue to slide because the real problem was never fixed. It is a two-pronged problem as well that goes a bit beyond just GDLA.

First is the morning alignment and this is due if you check my previous archive posts to “Viewer Demographics” and I am not talking race here, but rather to qualify who your viewers aka. “THE REAL CUSTOMERS” really are, not advertisers who are your commodities.

Your viewers are your customers, so why do you not give them what they want? And once you can really sit back and analyze these questions, you begin thinking and here is what is broken.

The viewing times for news and the definition and STRUCTURE of GDLA as not a news, but rather, an entertainment venue. Unless you can fix these issues, it will always be a struggle and gimmick approach at best as opposed to a GIANT and a true DYNAMO and it may take someone like myself with this VISION to point this out, but it is indeed honest, not what you may want to hear, but I am telling you the truth and your dwindling viewers are too, every time they change the channel. Go back, read my archives on the GDLA structure as an entertainment venue, no a Gobbledygook mixture of chaos.

Fix the shows structure and format, re-align the news and show times for viewers and it is smooth sailing for a very long time with small tweaks here and there. Ignore this and you will have to visit Steve’s office many more times.


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