EBike Chill Out on AB1096

So someone said hey man, chill out. Larry Pizzi told you he is with you in spirit here and that like you, he wants to promote all EBikes…okay! I’ll chill while they criminalize my ride and kill the current throttle ebike market. Then this legislative person whose name will not be produced said, they are already looking at amending this. They needed AB1096 to get the EBike bill rolling. In a year or two Larry and the gang will look at reforming this after they get a number of states on board to follow California’s lead.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I think EBiking on a 1 kilowatt bike is amazing. I can go shopping, beat bumper-to-bumper road traffic, visit distant family and friends within 10 miles distance, even ride across the valley 10 miles away to Chatsworth Park North and at no more than 18MPH on the bike path (or I’ll be pedaling home on a spent battery) and say my prayers and give thanks to God Almighty for such beauty and letting me hike there as a kid in the early 1970’s and late 1960’s (1967 approx). Yeah, there was that creep Manson and the knife girls who did his bidding. May those bastards and bitches all rot in hell! But I enjoyed those times and on a beautiful weekend day as time and health provide, my ebike gets me there. I cannot describe the freedom to you all the air in my face, the smells of the local restaurants and pines lining Devonshire, the clear blue skies above, what a great and grand thing, now to be criminalized unless I make it so my ebike no longer can take me there and is slow as hell.

So, the politician said hey, just give it time. But unfortunately for myself and tens of thousands of other ebikers in California who have what won’t meet the engine size limit, it is over and guess what. While we are waiting on a hope, prayer and whim, we will be getting older and in my own personal case, getting on with life. We were here, yes I am gonna hang it up folks come January 1st, no more of what I love, something that doesn’t pollute and was fun and freedom, taken away by the stroke of a pen so a company can profit.

Others are already forming a black market and they are already making up wattage stickers. Most cops don’t have the time to stop everyone they see and the new law besides creating that black market also creates new Felons and that comes back to motor size and top speed. So simple, an imbecile can understand it. Regulate ebikes on paths by a maximum posted speed limit. Clean, fast, efficient and car owners including Tesla ECars are treated to this, why make it hard for ebikers?


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