How To Kill California’s Ebike Industry!

From a disenfranchised former EBike supporter criminalized by a communist legislator and thug governor of this once great state.

Since the bald headed governor thug Jerry Brown (poop) decided to sign AB1096 so the CEO of a company whose company financed the bill can fix the entire state marketplace for their products only, it is time to fight back and there are ways to do this.

First off, the entire EBike industry was more or less on life support anyhow. Very high costs to buy and maintain an electric bicycle, competition from outside fields, limited usage already were working on it. So what happened? PEDELEC and what is that?

Pedal Electric. Idiots decided to try and reinvent the bicycle. On this illusion they can make the common pedal bicycle somehow better they made it much more expensive and still very limited. They decided to have an electric motor assist you when pedaling. Hence Pedelec an acronym for Pedal Electric. They call it an electric bicycle and in some form it actually is, but it is not a true EBike or electric bicycle, because it requires you to still pedal and that comes to where the crux of the problem is. The market decided they liked overall EBikes on the throttle. You twist or push a thumb throttle and the bicycle takes off. Pedelecs could not compete against many foreign kit based and even domestic throttle based ebikes so they turned and formed a coalition to protect their interests and kill off the bulk of throttle ebikes. The free capital marketplace did not want Pedelecs, consumers mainly purchased throttle ebikes instead. So in steps the CEO of a company gets himself on a state bicycle board and then has his mainly Pedelec building company finance a state bill. Since California’s legislature is both overall uninformed and corrupted, they pass this bill.

AB1096 is so bad, it even criminalizes a new class of felons and outlaws existing legal ebikes on the throttle. It sets up a brand new statewide black-market place. So are you getting all of this now. Are you understanding what is going on? Instead of offering what consumers wanted, the Pedelec companies decided to kill a free market along the lines of what Obamacare did to freedom of choice in the healthcare industry. In fact Obama’s national ebike policies influenced heavily on AB1096. This means that instead of serious ebikes as transportation, they will now be a slow, high maintenance hobby for sport and nothing more.

So it is time to point the consumers in the right direction and there are two here that kill the Pedelec company’s profits while still rendering freedom of choice for consumers. By not supporting companies like Pedego or Currie Tech among a whole host of others, you will be sending a strong message that you want a free market. They have for all intents and purposes killed zero polluting throttle ebikes for practicality so here is what to decide and do.

Their big main selling points are pedaling up a hill easily and into the wind. Ready?

If you must pedal, save your money, honestly. If you want a decent workout, goto Walmart or Target or online and buy a Schwinn or Huffy 21 speed hybrid or road racer. I priced the Schwinn at $327.00 on sale at Walmart. You get an endless range, low maintenance and you can pedal as fast as you want. No 20MPH or even 28MPH restrictions here. Get a higher speed pedal bicycle and you can get to 35MPH or even 40MPH and guess what. You can go 50MPH legally on the bicycle paths on your pedal bike…never needs new batteries. How’s that for pedaling? Now lets look at the steep hills, high winds and the air in your face experience that throttle ebikes would have provided you.

Moped, Scooter or better yet, used Motorcycle. I recently priced out a used Harley Sportster at $2800.00 low miles too. Endless range, makes enough noise to let drivers know when you are nearby. Gets you through any high winds or up any road hills with ease. Doesn’t require hours of recharge time, just 5 minutes or less to tank up at a nearest filling station and you get hundreds of miles of riding. Yes does require a license M1 on your Driver’s license is best. About $150.00 a year for insurance. After that, you will never worry about electric bicycles again.

Pedelecs cannot keep up with these other competitive outlets and since the state of California has criminalized zero-polluting green energy bikes, why not go the other outlets potential cyclists. Pedal instead of pedelecs, save money, frustration and time, endless range too as fast as you can pedal. For the air in your face, twist throttle a bit more initially but once done, you won’t regret it. Let Pedelec companies have the bike paths at 20mph and yes there will be the green commie schmucks who think they are wonderful pedaling at 20mph on a bike path. Of course the cyclists doing 30mph will laugh at them for the Pedelec Putzes they really are and laugh at them for being stupid enough to buy a product by companies that just committed suicide on themselves because they had to use a state legislature to fix a marketplace that doesn’t want their products overall. That is how you kill the current EBike industry, don’t buy their products, save you monies and buy the other competing products regular bicycle, a gasoline powered bicycle kit or a motorcycle class ride. You won’t regret and by putting Pedelec companies out of business, you will as a customer restored your freedom of choice that these evil companies tried to steal from you.


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