EBike industry in the USA committing suicide.

You know, it is one of those things when you know you are right and see clearly as night and day an entire industry already on shaky non-competitive ground readying itself to be slaughtered much as Obama voters did when they voted for a Hate-America Islamunist in the Blackhouse. Just like the communist and thief is destroying America as we knew it and putting its people in great peril, so the ebike industry in the country is doing this to its own markets. I’ll cite you examples of this.

Obama kills free markets especially with the new TPP bill.

EBike industry in California kills free markets with AB1096.

Obama criminalizes those who want the free choice to the Bill of Rights, for example free speech or gun rights or the freedom to choose a medical plan or secured borders protected from criminals and terrorists which he keeps wide opened.

The California ebike industry nationwide is set to force you to comply with a hand full of companies products and if you deviate why, that’s it for you buddy. No free market choice just like your healthcare.

Obama is intent on creating a gestapo for the American people. Ask WWII Germans how well that worked out for them.

see, thanks to your EBike industry the California cops will now check your ebikes just like the gestapo checked papers, in fact with AB1096 while Currie Tech inherits the entire state marketplace along with the other pedelec companies, they can now have the California law authorities treat ebikers like the Gestapo treated people in Nazi Germany, think about it, this is what Ebiking will be all about. Have your papers otherwise you become a criminal. Same like what Obamacare represents when it destroyed a medical industry of free markets and free choice. Now the IRS visits you to enslave you into communist medicine in a government fixed marketplace. I don’t think the comparisons can be any clearer except for a few smaller details here.

$3,000.00 plus dollar pedal assist to 28MPH pedelec ebikes cannot compete with Polycarbon or even Aluminum bicycles on pedal. Those can LEGALLY get past 30 MPH, wanna see it for yourself, okay just watch… what $350.00 can buy you.

Schwinn Carbon 700c $327.00 at Walmart

and then for the air in your face why not a Used Motorcycle. Requires insurance and an M1 in California but look at the price and where you can go on endless tanks of polluting gasoline.

Look, only $2799.00 goes anywhere. A V-twin, who needs $3,000 ebikes you must pedal to get to 28MPH when you can have this for less including yearly insurance for a motorcycle at only $165.00

Suzuki Intruder

See, the EBike industry had a great chance to really supply people with real commuting EBikes to get to work, visit family and friends, go shopping with. Every ebike means one less car on the road. Saves costs of road resurfacing, traffic congestion relief, zero polluting too while being ridden. And with advancements in technologies would have been even better. Unfortunately this industry wants to remain a niche hobby and it appears that certain niche companies are repressing real transportation ebikes that are legal in many other countries, just not the greenest country and the greenest state of them all. Because the AB1096 law reflects both corruption and destruction much like the Obama dictator laws are doing and this is why when you want an EBike for transportation much like you may want to choose your own doctor you have enjoyed, you cannot anymore. Because you are no longer entitled to free markets in a free country with innovative choices. Instead you now have an industry killing itself with the very same actions the federal government of the USA is doing to itself and its citizens all so that those corrupt in power can temporarily profit.

In the end, the EBike industry as it is becoming will be forced to try and get pedal bicycles suppressed which won’t happen very easily and also motorcycles too. My bet has to go with bicycles and motorcycles over ebikes. In the end the ebike industry if it does not try and grow to what the market dictates will fade into the dust heap of technology much like green energy companies have done under Obama’s watch and trillions of dollars.


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