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Araksya here is the problem.

It was nice seeing Steve’s office. I met and helped him and his wife, they are super sweet folks. Personally, I would love to see GDLA flying high and let me state for the record, that I honestly don’t want anyone losing their job or jobs in these very stringent times. But here is the real crux of the problem.

GDLA has turned to you to plan and help the show along with others. This is all fine and good and you are a dear sweet lady, as are the other folks behind and in front of the cameras. But viewership will continue to slide because the real problem was never fixed. It is a two-pronged problem as well that goes a bit beyond just GDLA.

First is the morning alignment and this is due if you check my previous archive posts to “Viewer Demographics” and I am not talking race here, but rather to qualify who your viewers aka. “THE REAL CUSTOMERS” really are, not advertisers who are your commodities.

Your viewers are your customers, so why do you not give them what they want? And once you can really sit back and analyze these questions, you begin thinking and here is what is broken.

The viewing times for news and the definition and STRUCTURE of GDLA as not a news, but rather, an entertainment venue. Unless you can fix these issues, it will always be a struggle and gimmick approach at best as opposed to a GIANT and a true DYNAMO and it may take someone like myself with this VISION to point this out, but it is indeed honest, not what you may want to hear, but I am telling you the truth and your dwindling viewers are too, every time they change the channel. Go back, read my archives on the GDLA structure as an entertainment venue, no a Gobbledygook mixture of chaos.

Fix the shows structure and format, re-align the news and show times for viewers and it is smooth sailing for a very long time with small tweaks here and there. Ignore this and you will have to visit Steve’s office many more times.


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WHY AB1096 is so bad!

At first glance, California Assembly Bill AB1096 appears a great and grand thing. It legally opens the bicycle paths to ebikes. Where it goes wrong is in many ways. Now before I start, let me state for the record that there was zero opposition to this bill from government. Every Republican and Democrat alike in California voted YES on this to my knowledge in the end and the governor of the state of California signed this bill with eager glee. That stated, let us really look at what happened.

First of all, the governor of California who appears fanatical about everything to do with the environment and green energy and global warming is nothing more than an old fart who is full of crap! The guy even looks like a criminal who fell out of jail, and oh, please don’t get me started on this crook. Like I say, if it looks like a thug, robs you like a thug, babbles like a thug – it’s a crooked politician and Jerry Brown is one of the biggest there is. Now why would someone say that about such a nice guy, try prick instead! That sums this dirtbag up in a better context.

As for AB1096, let us dissect this. It creates essentially 3 categories of electric bikes that are legal and it was written mostly with the help of a CEO of an ebike company whose company FINANCED this state bill. I think that says a lot but let us delve into this further.

Class 1 EBike pedal assist only, can only go max speed of 20 MPH

Class 2 EBike throttle bike can only go max speed of 20 MPH.

Now here is the big klinker on these pedals of mine and I take issue with it. Almost all throttle ebikes have a pedal assist option of some sort so why 2 categories? I mean why not just ebike, then there is class 3. Ready for this take?

Class 3 Pedal Assist but can go 29 MPH. Why? I mean why not just have one category so far called EBike and let them ride at a speed limit? You don’t punish Tesla Owners and you don’t classify electric car types this way, so why punish those on the least polluting ebike types which are throttle based? Why can a performance pedal assist ebike be the only one to legally 28MPH but your throttle ebike can go no more than 20 MPH? I’ll tell you why, because this bill, financed by a company, whose CEO was involved tailored an assembly bill to its product line and what it envisions. Forget the free market.

What AB1096 did was for several companies whose product type was dying off or ill selling in the free market as compared to kit bikes which were cheaper, faster, better performing with longer range and less maintenance, these greedy companies bought an entire state legislature and what did the corrupt legislature do for the greedy companies?

Killed a Free Market.

Killed Consumer Choice.

Forced an entire market to be defined by companies who sell a specific ill selling product line.

Stiffled innovation for without a free and competitive marketplace where the buyers can buy from many differing products this has been killed.

Killed of the competition of these manufacturers who mainly sell Pedal Assist EBike products that for the most part don’t sell well.

In essence the manufacturers bought an entire state free market to close it to what they want the public to buy. No free choice, no innovation, no competition, just the expensive low performance crap they deem appropriate and does this remind you of the Obamacare health insurance market no longer free choice for many consumers? Well, guess what. AB1096 with a corporate twist was based along Obama’s national EBike guidelines and this is another way you have just lost your free choice. The entire senate and assembly voted YES to all of these points I have above in this article. Remember that when it comes voting time and oh, speaking of voting.

Now a final note of my own: They should have just based bike path riding on a posted simple maximum speed limit. A normal speed limit and a slower one when pedestrians were present and that is it. Nothing else was required here. Making classes out of a company’s ebike product line which benefits the company at the expense of everything else was just plain wrong. As for the 750WATT motor size, even if you pair a 24volt batter with a 750 watt motor it will exceed 20MPH on throttle. It would top out at around 26MPH, add a 36 volt batter and the 750 WATT motor goes 29MPH add a 48 volt battery and it passes 30MPH so what about a 500 watt motor? Great question. Lets see here.

A 500Watt motor with a 24 volt batter gets to about 17MPH, with a 36 volt battery gets to 21MPH, with a 48 volt battery gets to 29MPH, with a 60 volt battery gets to 38MPH, with a 72volt battery gets to 46MPH and that is a legal motor size here. Will easily get a Class 2 sticker. I just wanted to show all of you that motor size is not the main factor here, there are many other variables, battery voltage, and the controller amp output determine just how fast an ebike can go. In theory a 350 watt geared motor and 36 volt battery can with the proper control easily hit over 20MPH so why is motor size a factor? Because the company and its CEO who were behind AB1096 say so, Sig Heil!

That’s Jerry Brown On Stage talking about AB1096 criminalizing zero polluting EBike owners in California.

Jerry Brown just gave millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS the right to vote now through the Department of Mexican Voters the DMV. AB1096 and its corrupt fixed tyranny is just the start, expect worst bills from these people to further strip you of your freedoms and rights, because California’s communist totalitarian, freedom of choice and free market hatting thugs in power

no longer represent free choice and free markets as witnessed by their current bill.

Hasta La Vista Freedom to choose, buy and ride EBikes…baby!

Note in California, green zero polluting ebikes for transportation are now ILLEGAL!!!

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EBike Chill Out on AB1096

So someone said hey man, chill out. Larry Pizzi told you he is with you in spirit here and that like you, he wants to promote all EBikes…okay! I’ll chill while they criminalize my ride and kill the current throttle ebike market. Then this legislative person whose name will not be produced said, they are already looking at amending this. They needed AB1096 to get the EBike bill rolling. In a year or two Larry and the gang will look at reforming this after they get a number of states on board to follow California’s lead.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I think EBiking on a 1 kilowatt bike is amazing. I can go shopping, beat bumper-to-bumper road traffic, visit distant family and friends within 10 miles distance, even ride across the valley 10 miles away to Chatsworth Park North and at no more than 18MPH on the bike path (or I’ll be pedaling home on a spent battery) and say my prayers and give thanks to God Almighty for such beauty and letting me hike there as a kid in the early 1970’s and late 1960’s (1967 approx). Yeah, there was that creep Manson and the knife girls who did his bidding. May those bastards and bitches all rot in hell! But I enjoyed those times and on a beautiful weekend day as time and health provide, my ebike gets me there. I cannot describe the freedom to you all the air in my face, the smells of the local restaurants and pines lining Devonshire, the clear blue skies above, what a great and grand thing, now to be criminalized unless I make it so my ebike no longer can take me there and is slow as hell.

So, the politician said hey, just give it time. But unfortunately for myself and tens of thousands of other ebikers in California who have what won’t meet the engine size limit, it is over and guess what. While we are waiting on a hope, prayer and whim, we will be getting older and in my own personal case, getting on with life. We were here, yes I am gonna hang it up folks come January 1st, no more of what I love, something that doesn’t pollute and was fun and freedom, taken away by the stroke of a pen so a company can profit.

Others are already forming a black market and they are already making up wattage stickers. Most cops don’t have the time to stop everyone they see and the new law besides creating that black market also creates new Felons and that comes back to motor size and top speed. So simple, an imbecile can understand it. Regulate ebikes on paths by a maximum posted speed limit. Clean, fast, efficient and car owners including Tesla ECars are treated to this, why make it hard for ebikers?

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How To Kill California’s Ebike Industry!

From a disenfranchised former EBike supporter criminalized by a communist legislator and thug governor of this once great state.

Since the bald headed governor thug Jerry Brown (poop) decided to sign AB1096 so the CEO of a company whose company financed the bill can fix the entire state marketplace for their products only, it is time to fight back and there are ways to do this.

First off, the entire EBike industry was more or less on life support anyhow. Very high costs to buy and maintain an electric bicycle, competition from outside fields, limited usage already were working on it. So what happened? PEDELEC and what is that?

Pedal Electric. Idiots decided to try and reinvent the bicycle. On this illusion they can make the common pedal bicycle somehow better they made it much more expensive and still very limited. They decided to have an electric motor assist you when pedaling. Hence Pedelec an acronym for Pedal Electric. They call it an electric bicycle and in some form it actually is, but it is not a true EBike or electric bicycle, because it requires you to still pedal and that comes to where the crux of the problem is. The market decided they liked overall EBikes on the throttle. You twist or push a thumb throttle and the bicycle takes off. Pedelecs could not compete against many foreign kit based and even domestic throttle based ebikes so they turned and formed a coalition to protect their interests and kill off the bulk of throttle ebikes. The free capital marketplace did not want Pedelecs, consumers mainly purchased throttle ebikes instead. So in steps the CEO of a company gets himself on a state bicycle board and then has his mainly Pedelec building company finance a state bill. Since California’s legislature is both overall uninformed and corrupted, they pass this bill.

AB1096 is so bad, it even criminalizes a new class of felons and outlaws existing legal ebikes on the throttle. It sets up a brand new statewide black-market place. So are you getting all of this now. Are you understanding what is going on? Instead of offering what consumers wanted, the Pedelec companies decided to kill a free market along the lines of what Obamacare did to freedom of choice in the healthcare industry. In fact Obama’s national ebike policies influenced heavily on AB1096. This means that instead of serious ebikes as transportation, they will now be a slow, high maintenance hobby for sport and nothing more.

So it is time to point the consumers in the right direction and there are two here that kill the Pedelec company’s profits while still rendering freedom of choice for consumers. By not supporting companies like Pedego or Currie Tech among a whole host of others, you will be sending a strong message that you want a free market. They have for all intents and purposes killed zero polluting throttle ebikes for practicality so here is what to decide and do.

Their big main selling points are pedaling up a hill easily and into the wind. Ready?

If you must pedal, save your money, honestly. If you want a decent workout, goto Walmart or Target or online and buy a Schwinn or Huffy 21 speed hybrid or road racer. I priced the Schwinn at $327.00 on sale at Walmart. You get an endless range, low maintenance and you can pedal as fast as you want. No 20MPH or even 28MPH restrictions here. Get a higher speed pedal bicycle and you can get to 35MPH or even 40MPH and guess what. You can go 50MPH legally on the bicycle paths on your pedal bike…never needs new batteries. How’s that for pedaling? Now lets look at the steep hills, high winds and the air in your face experience that throttle ebikes would have provided you.

Moped, Scooter or better yet, used Motorcycle. I recently priced out a used Harley Sportster at $2800.00 low miles too. Endless range, makes enough noise to let drivers know when you are nearby. Gets you through any high winds or up any road hills with ease. Doesn’t require hours of recharge time, just 5 minutes or less to tank up at a nearest filling station and you get hundreds of miles of riding. Yes does require a license M1 on your Driver’s license is best. About $150.00 a year for insurance. After that, you will never worry about electric bicycles again.

Pedelecs cannot keep up with these other competitive outlets and since the state of California has criminalized zero-polluting green energy bikes, why not go the other outlets potential cyclists. Pedal instead of pedelecs, save money, frustration and time, endless range too as fast as you can pedal. For the air in your face, twist throttle a bit more initially but once done, you won’t regret it. Let Pedelec companies have the bike paths at 20mph and yes there will be the green commie schmucks who think they are wonderful pedaling at 20mph on a bike path. Of course the cyclists doing 30mph will laugh at them for the Pedelec Putzes they really are and laugh at them for being stupid enough to buy a product by companies that just committed suicide on themselves because they had to use a state legislature to fix a marketplace that doesn’t want their products overall. That is how you kill the current EBike industry, don’t buy their products, save you monies and buy the other competing products regular bicycle, a gasoline powered bicycle kit or a motorcycle class ride. You won’t regret and by putting Pedelec companies out of business, you will as a customer restored your freedom of choice that these evil companies tried to steal from you.

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EBike industry in the USA committing suicide.

You know, it is one of those things when you know you are right and see clearly as night and day an entire industry already on shaky non-competitive ground readying itself to be slaughtered much as Obama voters did when they voted for a Hate-America Islamunist in the Blackhouse. Just like the communist and thief is destroying America as we knew it and putting its people in great peril, so the ebike industry in the country is doing this to its own markets. I’ll cite you examples of this.

Obama kills free markets especially with the new TPP bill.

EBike industry in California kills free markets with AB1096.

Obama criminalizes those who want the free choice to the Bill of Rights, for example free speech or gun rights or the freedom to choose a medical plan or secured borders protected from criminals and terrorists which he keeps wide opened.

The California ebike industry nationwide is set to force you to comply with a hand full of companies products and if you deviate why, that’s it for you buddy. No free market choice just like your healthcare.

Obama is intent on creating a gestapo for the American people. Ask WWII Germans how well that worked out for them.

see, thanks to your EBike industry the California cops will now check your ebikes just like the gestapo checked papers, in fact with AB1096 while Currie Tech inherits the entire state marketplace along with the other pedelec companies, they can now have the California law authorities treat ebikers like the Gestapo treated people in Nazi Germany, think about it, this is what Ebiking will be all about. Have your papers otherwise you become a criminal. Same like what Obamacare represents when it destroyed a medical industry of free markets and free choice. Now the IRS visits you to enslave you into communist medicine in a government fixed marketplace. I don’t think the comparisons can be any clearer except for a few smaller details here.

$3,000.00 plus dollar pedal assist to 28MPH pedelec ebikes cannot compete with Polycarbon or even Aluminum bicycles on pedal. Those can LEGALLY get past 30 MPH, wanna see it for yourself, okay just watch… what $350.00 can buy you.

Schwinn Carbon 700c $327.00 at Walmart

and then for the air in your face why not a Used Motorcycle. Requires insurance and an M1 in California but look at the price and where you can go on endless tanks of polluting gasoline.

Look, only $2799.00 goes anywhere. A V-twin, who needs $3,000 ebikes you must pedal to get to 28MPH when you can have this for less including yearly insurance for a motorcycle at only $165.00

Suzuki Intruder

See, the EBike industry had a great chance to really supply people with real commuting EBikes to get to work, visit family and friends, go shopping with. Every ebike means one less car on the road. Saves costs of road resurfacing, traffic congestion relief, zero polluting too while being ridden. And with advancements in technologies would have been even better. Unfortunately this industry wants to remain a niche hobby and it appears that certain niche companies are repressing real transportation ebikes that are legal in many other countries, just not the greenest country and the greenest state of them all. Because the AB1096 law reflects both corruption and destruction much like the Obama dictator laws are doing and this is why when you want an EBike for transportation much like you may want to choose your own doctor you have enjoyed, you cannot anymore. Because you are no longer entitled to free markets in a free country with innovative choices. Instead you now have an industry killing itself with the very same actions the federal government of the USA is doing to itself and its citizens all so that those corrupt in power can temporarily profit.

In the end, the EBike industry as it is becoming will be forced to try and get pedal bicycles suppressed which won’t happen very easily and also motorcycles too. My bet has to go with bicycles and motorcycles over ebikes. In the end the ebike industry if it does not try and grow to what the market dictates will fade into the dust heap of technology much like green energy companies have done under Obama’s watch and trillions of dollars.

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Green Governor Criminalizes Green Transportation

Governor Brown of California, the greenest state within the greenest country in the world, you know the one. The country that Barak HUSSEIN Obama has spent trillions of your tax dollars instead of rebuilding your country’s infrastructure on. Brown signed into law AB1096. It is an EBike law and here is what it will do.

Up until now, California has allowed the purchase and usage of EBikes with a motor the size of 1,000 watts or 1kw. The bike had to not go faster than 20MPH and with suppression on an EBike’s controller, the motors speed was limited.

Now, the state without grandfathering in all of the motors bigger than what AB1096 specifies will be made contraband by the state. Now how fast can a 1,000 watt motor go on a 48 volt battery? Anywhere between about 27 to 34 MPH. How fast can a standard cyclist go on a Polycarbon Framed pedal bicycle with 33 speeds of gears? Try 50MPH.

The new law by the governor will limit legal maximum motor sizes to 750 watts and allow a maximum speed at 28MPH. Seems fair, right? Not so fast. This hideous law does more things. It outlaws a limiter on the controller or cycling computers such as ‘The Cycle Analyst’ which could actually dial down the motor size and top speed. Further it will create a legal sticker program, making it a FELONY to have a counterfeit sticker on your EBike. If the cops catch you, here goes a whole brand new layer of criminality for riding an EBike faster than 20MPH with the wrong sticker on it. That’s right, if you can ride 29MPH you can goto jail and your EBike is seized as contraband.

Who thought up such a law? Great question. “The California Bicycle Coalition” and a board member named Larry Pizzi. And who is Larry Pizzi? The CEO of Currie Technologies. And what does Currie Technologies make and sell, slow overpriced EBikes that most people skip buying. And who financed this EBike bill through Assemblyman David Chiu’s (God Bless Me) offices??? Currie Technologies. So lets get this straight. A CEO of a company that makes a product that isn’t selling well against competition, gets himself inserted onto a state group influencing lawmakers to fix the marketplace for their markets, and has his company fund it. In essence your entire State Legislature and the Governor, Mr. Green (I want to cut emissions on green gasses by 40%) just made zero polluting throttle EBikes as real transportation criminal. They sold the entire state marketplace, fair competition, innovation, what the EBike public demanded out to a small company whose niche market products sell like crap! Are you starting to see criminality here? Where is C.A.R.B. on this? I called their offices, not interested. Where is the Sierra Club on this? Not interested, in fact Green celebrities couldn’t give a rats crap about this bill. Some of them own the very slow limited products most will forgo.

Cycling groups didn’t even want any EBikes on any paths or anywhere else for that matter. This bill kills free markets, it kills competition and fixes the marketplace for the niche company’s products. It criminalizes those who purchased other products, it even bans off-road EBikes. That’s right you can ride a gas powered dirt bike off road but no EBikes. It creates a Black Market as mentioned for manufacturer stickers, cause police departments to have to worry about people riding EBikes. It creates contraband of existing EBikes without grandfathering them in while they had been legal. It pushes Pedelecs (Pedal Assist Only EBikes) which contribute precious carbon to Jerry Brown’s reduction while punishing the very EBikes that gave zero pollution while being ridden. Essentially it kills the EBike market as it could have grown properly, so where to go from here?

Well, legislatures should fix AB1096, and there is a simple fix actually. Remove motor size, open all bike paths to all EBikes and regulate based on posted or known speed limits, much like a 150MPH Porsche 911 in a 35MPH zone.

Notice that Tesla owners are not discriminated like this. They can drive on streets alongside Toyota and Honda ecars yet Tesla’s have a motor double the size. Why are EBike owners and the market limited? Because the CEO of a company that financed this bill of total corruption has just bought the entire State of California’s goldmine markets using the very government to kill off his competition and that is the real sad truth here. This could have simply been done by having a single category called EBike and open the bike paths with a posted maximum speed limit, mandate all cycles on a bike path must have a calibrated working bicycle speedometer, problem solved! You didn’t need three categories that only benefit Mr. Pizzi’s company and that of overpriced Pedelecs.

RIP California EBikes, it was nice riding you when it was legal!



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