Unleash the Military’s…

Just not on us. Beijing, Moscow, Washington DC, European Nations Asia. Want to let your generals get practice, send them to Islam, the Middle East, the Navies to the coasts off East Africa. Let them degrade and extinguish terrorists worldwide, all of these countries have their armies, navies, air force, the generals want to go at it, just not each other. Instead go after the bad guys, let the military’s take on the real threats. You know, the more I think about this all, the more it makes sense. Why threaten each other, why the old and new philosophies of government this, government that? Why not clean up the world? Drug dealers in Mexico and central America, turn the military’s loose on em. Let’s get it on baby! You have these grand armies, they want to do it to it, take on the baddies. Here, let’s take a little look at military’s when they are making the world safer.

Chinese Navy capturing Somali Pirates…

Russians killing Islamic terrorists…

Americans fighting terrorism before Obama F’d up the country.

Oh wait, YouTube no longer shows American soldiers at work, only that America is bad and who owns YouTube? Google, the big Obama supporters. Sorry Americans, you are bad for killing terrorists from the Middle East, so seems YouTube, so seems Google both controlled by the Barak HUSSEIN Obama Islamunist administration. Well at least we tried to show Americans in action. Feel free to comment!


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