The old Los Angeles I grew up in and miss!

You know, I am a native of this city and Southern California, my long time home. I have seen over half a century of change, decades that have gone by. In an odd sense, while everything over time has changed, I must say, I miss an older yet younger Los Angeles. The cars, cultures, music, tv shows, many long gone family members and many friends too, all wonderful people in their own ways.

At one time, Southern California was one of the best places to be and at the center of much of the world’s universe too. Hollywood was almost all here, no runaway productions. Weather was always what it was, a sort of Mediterranean mix and medley of great sunshine on tap. There was something so very special about Southern California so I found this, thought I might show you much of what I grew up in, the feel and flavor of a Los Angeles era long gone, yet it feels so like home.



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