Disney’s Star Wars goes Gay!

Without missing a beat the Hollywood communists who have forgotten how to entertain, unless it is one guy smoking another guy’s balogie stogie, has inserted erhmm, a gay character into Star Wars, guaranteeing it will FX aside, piss even more viewers of the genre off who wanted to see Imperial Storm Troopers and Jedis duke it out, not dick it out. Unfortunately a erhmm, major hero character in the new Star Wars has to be one who gives it to another one of “THE SAME SEX” in order to make the series further BRAINWASH the average public into thinking a guy sticking his penis into another guy’s mouth is appropriate for everyone.

After all if Obama can go around the world promoting guy’s having anal sex with other guys, why not fix Star Wars!

Special note activist judges throwing out states votes against same sex marriage, so the public which has rejected this in states is being tyrannized by communist judges, just wanted to make that note clear.

They already have a Pope in the Vatican, a real communist pushing guys having anal and oral sex with one another as being okay in that religion, so why not here?

Don’t forget the Terminator and Star Trek series. There will be Gay guys in those too. I can only imagine what a Gay Terminator will do?

Perhaps he will shoot his victims with goo, then there is Star Trek. The Enterprise when viewed from atop already appears like a penis with testicles and with a little imagination it will be renamed “Sperm Trek” after all, what better way to shoot into Warp erhmm, seed?

Sperm Trek

The problem here guys is I am tired of the commies in this country pushing everything down our throats. Blacks must be in everything that whites are in. What about Asians and Latinos, Eurasians? I don’t see many of them, nor many Middle Easterners in flicks but Hollywood is dominated with the In-Yo-Face crowd and so it goes that Star Wars, a great franchise will be ruined because instead of the Millennium Falcon, you will get characters that have a sexual orientation to brainwash your kids which they have already begun doing in American schools instead of teaching reading, writing and basic math and this is the sad COMMUNIST truth on the way to destroying the American Family and whatever is decent of it that is left.

One last note, I have nothing against a person who is gay, I just don’t like the massive push to destroy Christianity and families and the push of this in our public schools on small kids trying to learn stuff or the public in general. I stand by those comments. There are many fine and wonderful people I have met that are gay, but did the Tinselturds of Hollyweird really have to insert erhmm, this into Star Wars and ruin the series forever? I guess if you are Disney it was inevitable.

As for all of you who are heterosexual or those who want a marriage that is traditional between a man and a woman, the hell with you. The commies have spoken and so Star Wars a great institution for almost 40 years will close with it falling to a special interest. The viewing public be damned. They just couldn’t make a regular sci-fi.


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