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Unleash the Military’s…

Just not on us. Beijing, Moscow, Washington DC, European Nations Asia. Want to let your generals get practice, send them to Islam, the Middle East, the Navies to the coasts off East Africa. Let them degrade and extinguish terrorists worldwide, all of these countries have their armies, navies, air force, the generals want to go at it, just not each other. Instead go after the bad guys, let the military’s take on the real threats. You know, the more I think about this all, the more it makes sense. Why threaten each other, why the old and new philosophies of government this, government that? Why not clean up the world? Drug dealers in Mexico and central America, turn the military’s loose on em. Let’s get it on baby! You have these grand armies, they want to do it to it, take on the baddies. Here, let’s take a little look at military’s when they are making the world safer.

Chinese Navy capturing Somali Pirates…

Russians killing Islamic terrorists…

Americans fighting terrorism before Obama F’d up the country.

Oh wait, YouTube no longer shows American soldiers at work, only that America is bad and who owns YouTube? Google, the big Obama supporters. Sorry Americans, you are bad for killing terrorists from the Middle East, so seems YouTube, so seems Google both controlled by the Barak HUSSEIN Obama Islamunist administration. Well at least we tried to show Americans in action. Feel free to comment!


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and anyone googling or youtubing this will know exactly what I am blogging about. It is an indecent assault on reporters and in most cases since grabbing a microphone, a physical assault at that.

The public has resorted to harassing reporters and it has gone global, even in non-english speaking countries. What someone does is simply get right up to a reporter in front of a live broadcast and yells out “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” mainly to female reporters though it now has spread to all gender of reporters. I find this distasteful, criminal, against any sense of decency and a lack of respect for women in general. And I am not the only one. I will get to my quick fix solution in a bit, but first let me illustrate what these degenerates are doing. It shows a worldwide decline in moral values at best, something far more hideous below the surface.

Now of all these clips which are disgusting, if there was a bright spot, it is the dude with the black cowboy hat the last ten seconds. He grabs a guy reporters microphone says that and the guy decks him one. But worse yet, did you see the little kids doing this now? They are emulating the public adults doing this so it has spread and again, note the different countries this is happening in.

Recently, one of my favorite reporter anchors at FOX KTTV 11 in Los Angeles a Miss Gina Silva fell victim to this. I guess it really hits home when it is one of your own homebound people working hard to deliver the news, so how do we suppress this? Well, there are probably a number of ways.

Like for example, since the people are stupid enough to do this on camera, they could erhmm, lose their tongue so they can say things like this anymore.

Actually the guy above should have had his tongue but if you removed the tongues of the FHRITP people shouting this, imagine how they won’t shout that anymore. Well, okay a bit too extreme, so what about the FCC they regulate this kind of thing, right?

Obama and the gang are currently ignoring this reporter problem and using the FCC to shutdown bloggers, conservative websites and papers, and conservative talk radio. No, seriously folks, this is what the FCC is doing, attacking your freedoms, the hell with protecting you from robocalls at your unlisted number, “Can I service your home” you know the types, or shutting down the FHRITP crowd. Don’t believe me, read here on what your FCC is doing to you.

So we need to protect news reporters and (and by the way any speakers with a microphone it has spread on stage as well) here is what to really do and no, there is no need to cut someone’s tongue out, at least we aren’t there just yet.

If physical touching occurs in any capacity from an FHRITP’er on a reporter, file assault and battery charges. File a civil lawsuit against them, have your TV station do the same, hit em for ten million dollars even if they don’t own squat. That’s right, sue them personally, pick their bank account clean and attach their wages. Do this to a few examples and it begins to inform the public they cannot do this. A kid does this, send em to Juvy oh and sue their mom and or dad too. Simple and neat, well almost. News people, have the city also arrest these bastards so they now have an arrest warrant that stays with them for life. Verbal or physical assault, indecency, whatever it is, instead of being angry frustrated or shocked news people. Consider it your lucky day especially if they have money. You only need a few stupid rich ones and you are set for life and then you will have “Fucked Them In Thier Pocketbook” or as I like to call it for reporters “FTITPB”

Note to wordpress, this blog topic though profane had to be posted to help stop the evil the public is perpetrating on the very important news reporters and it is time to bring it to light for discussion.

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The old Los Angeles I grew up in and miss!

You know, I am a native of this city and Southern California, my long time home. I have seen over half a century of change, decades that have gone by. In an odd sense, while everything over time has changed, I must say, I miss an older yet younger Los Angeles. The cars, cultures, music, tv shows, many long gone family members and many friends too, all wonderful people in their own ways.

At one time, Southern California was one of the best places to be and at the center of much of the world’s universe too. Hollywood was almost all here, no runaway productions. Weather was always what it was, a sort of Mediterranean mix and medley of great sunshine on tap. There was something so very special about Southern California so I found this, thought I might show you much of what I grew up in, the feel and flavor of a Los Angeles era long gone, yet it feels so like home.


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Disney’s Star Wars goes Gay!

Without missing a beat the Hollywood communists who have forgotten how to entertain, unless it is one guy smoking another guy’s balogie stogie, has inserted erhmm, a gay character into Star Wars, guaranteeing it will FX aside, piss even more viewers of the genre off who wanted to see Imperial Storm Troopers and Jedis duke it out, not dick it out. Unfortunately a erhmm, major hero character in the new Star Wars has to be one who gives it to another one of “THE SAME SEX” in order to make the series further BRAINWASH the average public into thinking a guy sticking his penis into another guy’s mouth is appropriate for everyone.

After all if Obama can go around the world promoting guy’s having anal sex with other guys, why not fix Star Wars!

Special note activist judges throwing out states votes against same sex marriage, so the public which has rejected this in states is being tyrannized by communist judges, just wanted to make that note clear.

They already have a Pope in the Vatican, a real communist pushing guys having anal and oral sex with one another as being okay in that religion, so why not here?

Don’t forget the Terminator and Star Trek series. There will be Gay guys in those too. I can only imagine what a Gay Terminator will do?

Perhaps he will shoot his victims with goo, then there is Star Trek. The Enterprise when viewed from atop already appears like a penis with testicles and with a little imagination it will be renamed “Sperm Trek” after all, what better way to shoot into Warp erhmm, seed?

Sperm Trek

The problem here guys is I am tired of the commies in this country pushing everything down our throats. Blacks must be in everything that whites are in. What about Asians and Latinos, Eurasians? I don’t see many of them, nor many Middle Easterners in flicks but Hollywood is dominated with the In-Yo-Face crowd and so it goes that Star Wars, a great franchise will be ruined because instead of the Millennium Falcon, you will get characters that have a sexual orientation to brainwash your kids which they have already begun doing in American schools instead of teaching reading, writing and basic math and this is the sad COMMUNIST truth on the way to destroying the American Family and whatever is decent of it that is left.

One last note, I have nothing against a person who is gay, I just don’t like the massive push to destroy Christianity and families and the push of this in our public schools on small kids trying to learn stuff or the public in general. I stand by those comments. There are many fine and wonderful people I have met that are gay, but did the Tinselturds of Hollyweird really have to insert erhmm, this into Star Wars and ruin the series forever? I guess if you are Disney it was inevitable.

As for all of you who are heterosexual or those who want a marriage that is traditional between a man and a woman, the hell with you. The commies have spoken and so Star Wars a great institution for almost 40 years will close with it falling to a special interest. The viewing public be damned. They just couldn’t make a regular sci-fi.

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Jewish Traitors!

Actually they are not real Jews like me, just JINOS “Jews In Name Only”

What they really are is a bunch of Judas selling out the American Republic to get nuked and Israel to be destroyed. These JINOS are hateful backstabbing TRAITORS TRAITORS TRAITORS all of them. The Bible predicts these TRAITORS that will get you nuked, your family, country and everything you have stood for. Want their current names? Here they are. They want Iran to have a Nuclear Bomb to kill you. They want 150 Billion dollars released to Iran so Iran can send terrorists here to KILL YOU! They are for the United States of America to abandon GOD and destroy Israel when it attempts to defend itself. They are not only against real Jews, they are against Christianity, they are all TRAITORS and when people get killed, remember their names, they just gave Iran a Nuclear bomb, terrorist funding and a pledge to protect Iran while it KILLS YOU and destroys your country, they are TRAITORS. Want the current names of these Jews, ooops I meant TRAITORS? Here they are.

Stephen Cohen (D-TN) – for the deal
Susan Davis (D-CA) – for the deal

Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) -for the deal
Jared Polis (D-CO) -for the deal
Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) – for the deal
Adam Schiff (D-CA) – for the deal

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) – for the deal
John Yarmuth (D-KY) – for the deal

— Michael Bennet
— Barbara Boxer
— Dianne Feinstein
— Al Franken
— Brian Schatz
— Bernie Sanders

Now, here are the real Jews in congress who openly oppose this deal, ready?

At least eight Congressional Jewish Democrats have opposed the Iranian nuclear deal.
–Rep. Ted Deutch
–Rep. Elliot Engel
–Rep. Lois Frankel
–Rep. Steve Israel
–Rep Elliot Engel
–Rep Nita Lowey
–Rep. Brad Sherman
–Rep. Lee Zeldin

35 Senate Democrats (with Senator Booker) have now come out in support of the nuclear deal.

Read more here…

and in case you are wondering what the JINOS want Iran to do to you, your loved ones, your country here is what they want. Watch the video very carefully, because your very existence weighs upon it.

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