AB1096 Kills a lot.

After talking with Larry he informed me that his ebike bill which this ceo is behind and his company is financing, was a compromise. That’s a lot more spoon-fed BS than it really is.

Let us look at what AB1096 really does since it seems tailor made for Currie Tech to benefit.

This bill uses the California State Assembly to KILL FREE MARKET competition. Outlaws existing product users of kit bikes, outlaws off road ebike manufacturers like for example Hi-Power Cycles of Chatsworth California, kills those jobs, kills kitbike ownership, discriminates against handicapped cyclists, sells a polluting product that cannot compete in the existing marketplace and cannot compete against either regular pedal bikes or motorcycles. That is what this bill does and if the governor of the State of California that along with CARB (I’ll get to them in a moment) signs this bill into law, he will become a BIG BIG BIG hypocrite of the worst kind. This is because Pedelec’s (Pedal Electric Bicycles) also require the cyclist to pedal which defeats the zero pollution that Throttle EBikes negate.

Now, let’s get on to the unelected C.A.R.B. They don’t care. That’s right. These people who are a board don’t care about zero pollution ebikes. You would think they would, right? They don’t.

What AB1096 does do is show you that a small company can buy an entire state marketplace even over the wishes of environmentalists and doesn’t that say a lot as to how bad California’s one-party communist system has become.

Now let us talk L.A. as the state’s biggest city. Eric Garcetti Mayor, not interested. Denny Zane with “Move LA.org” not interested. State Assemblyman, signed onto AB1096, that is Nazarian. Cycling groups – to fellow ebikers ‘HELL NO’ we own the ‘PUBLIC’ bike paths, hands off of our property.

This state, this city…They don’t care about free markets, handicapped riders, public safety, polluting the environment. All they care about is being in power, the hell with everyone else. A small company can own the entire state, get competition sent packing out of business and criminalize those who invested in true zero-polluting transportation and AB1096 proves it.

Now, besides committing suicide for a fantasy gain what does Currie Tech have to compete against? Let us look at the numbers after they get rid of their immediate innovative affordable green bike rivals and kill innovation.

Pedal Bike.


And what if ya want a used Harley Davidson? Let us visit Cycle Trader.

2007 $3850.00

And now for the Pedelec by Currie Tech after all, they just about bought a free marketplace or did they? Here is why they kill ebikes and then cannot compete against my examples above. Ready???

eFlow E3 Nitro cost is $3499.00

For this price, reward them with corporate starvation for all the damage they and other pedelec companies are doing nationwide, you heard me right. Their products cannot compete so they are using corrupted state politicians like California’s David Chiu (God Bless Me) to buy and fix a free market for their company. Gee whiz, I wish I could buy entire state markets like these guys just did and tell the general public in my fixed marketplace what they can and cannot have. Buy a used Harley or Pedal bike instead. Send a big message to the Pedelec EBike industry that free markets belong to you and not them, and your buying a pedal bicycle or Harley will be the big FU they deserve.

Hey Larry, take this grinning-smiley-010


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