Jews Nobody To Blame But Themselves!

Funny someone Jewish who supports Israel’s right to exist and the original Constitutional freedoms Americans enjoy should write a title of an article like this. But after recent events, and considering most Jewish voters went lock, stock and sinker for Obama with a middle name “HUSSEIN” doesn’t surprise me.

For years we got some great and brilliant Jewish comedies, oft times parodies of other Jews, making them out to be full genechtagazoinks at best.

One such Tinselturd Schmuck Woody Allen has made a CaRear from making Jews look greedy, insecure, stupid  ass buffoons, and that is one of many.

You would think this former wife-cheating putz would feel ferklempt, instead he turned out to be a real narish shvindel.

So now Jews are being enlisted, the communist JINOS (Jews In Name Only) they really are to trash Israel, get it destroyed, and give Iran the nuclear bomb to do it. These low-life creep commie scumbags are not real Jews, just in name only while they destroy our freedoms. They are and make no mistake about it folks, devils or under devils and thus are evil people all of them.

Was it no surprise that many Jews and some non-Jews in Hollywood this week have a commercial supporting Iran getting the bomb, so that Death to Israel can become a reality. Norman Lear comes to mind. I guess this TRAITOR Commie bastard who is a real life Meathead just proved that Archie Bunker was right all along. And speaking of Meatheads. The guy who played Michael Stivic turned out to be a real Meathead in real life, who would have figured?

1972 –

1971 –

Think about that folks, two meatheads for the price of one.

98 Hollywood Jews want a Nuke Iran. Here are their names.

Here, watch the commies who want you dead and Israel, the west and America destroyed, watching these mental disorder people, weigh in if you wish.

So it is okay for Arab Terrorists to kill Israelis, Americans, Jews and Christians, even their own Muslim peoples of differing faiths, but when Israel fights back for its very existence, the morons put this up.

or here

and who is funding most of the anti-Israel groups that call for boycotting? None other than the most famous big JINO himself, and er, oh, Nazi lover..tada!!!!!



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