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AB1096 Kills a lot.

After talking with Larry he informed me that his ebike bill which this ceo is behind and his company is financing, was a compromise. That’s a lot more spoon-fed BS than it really is.

Let us look at what AB1096 really does since it seems tailor made for Currie Tech to benefit.

This bill uses the California State Assembly to KILL FREE MARKET competition. Outlaws existing product users of kit bikes, outlaws off road ebike manufacturers like for example Hi-Power Cycles of Chatsworth California, kills those jobs, kills kitbike ownership, discriminates against handicapped cyclists, sells a polluting product that cannot compete in the existing marketplace and cannot compete against either regular pedal bikes or motorcycles. That is what this bill does and if the governor of the State of California that along with CARB (I’ll get to them in a moment) signs this bill into law, he will become a BIG BIG BIG hypocrite of the worst kind. This is because Pedelec’s (Pedal Electric Bicycles) also require the cyclist to pedal which defeats the zero pollution that Throttle EBikes negate.

Now, let’s get on to the unelected C.A.R.B. They don’t care. That’s right. These people who are a board don’t care about zero pollution ebikes. You would think they would, right? They don’t.

What AB1096 does do is show you that a small company can buy an entire state marketplace even over the wishes of environmentalists and doesn’t that say a lot as to how bad California’s one-party communist system has become.

Now let us talk L.A. as the state’s biggest city. Eric Garcetti Mayor, not interested. Denny Zane with “Move” not interested. State Assemblyman, signed onto AB1096, that is Nazarian. Cycling groups – to fellow ebikers ‘HELL NO’ we own the ‘PUBLIC’ bike paths, hands off of our property.

This state, this city…They don’t care about free markets, handicapped riders, public safety, polluting the environment. All they care about is being in power, the hell with everyone else. A small company can own the entire state, get competition sent packing out of business and criminalize those who invested in true zero-polluting transportation and AB1096 proves it.

Now, besides committing suicide for a fantasy gain what does Currie Tech have to compete against? Let us look at the numbers after they get rid of their immediate innovative affordable green bike rivals and kill innovation.

Pedal Bike.


And what if ya want a used Harley Davidson? Let us visit Cycle Trader.

2007 $3850.00

And now for the Pedelec by Currie Tech after all, they just about bought a free marketplace or did they? Here is why they kill ebikes and then cannot compete against my examples above. Ready???

eFlow E3 Nitro cost is $3499.00

For this price, reward them with corporate starvation for all the damage they and other pedelec companies are doing nationwide, you heard me right. Their products cannot compete so they are using corrupted state politicians like California’s David Chiu (God Bless Me) to buy and fix a free market for their company. Gee whiz, I wish I could buy entire state markets like these guys just did and tell the general public in my fixed marketplace what they can and cannot have. Buy a used Harley or Pedal bike instead. Send a big message to the Pedelec EBike industry that free markets belong to you and not them, and your buying a pedal bicycle or Harley will be the big FU they deserve.

Hey Larry, take this grinning-smiley-010


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Beyond Broccoli, try rotting vegetables!

So Brocclihead gone or so at lkeast two sources have mentioned, great, one down, more to go. After all, if you wanna fix a KTTV you gotta break a few execs. Then the viewers like myself aka. “CUSTOMERS” win!!!

fam03So what’s a nationally owned TV station to do? Great question and I have all the answers as a “CUSTOMER” because it seems that KTTV’s biggest problems are its own. So now that erhmm a certain vegetable is absent and the other vegetables are ermm doing this to their viewers… eck13Perhaps it is time to talk about fixing things.

For starters, I don’t know about the rest of the CUSTOMERS aka the Viewing Public, but with all the miscues, no sound with pictures, no pictures with sound, reporters not being told the camera is on when they are picking their nose, talking to themselves and waiting to be notified they are cleaning their erhmm, nostrils in front of millions, as though the viewing masses must learn the proper angle to pick their noses, cameras at wrong angles when hosts and cohosts are facing the wrong camera, all production issues that should never happen, here is a clue for starters KTTV management. Are you ready to listen to a CUSTOMER with the controller in hand and we shall get to that in a moment or two.

Fixable problem number one. HIRE MORE PRODUCTION STAFF TALENTS!

Okay, let us now discuss problem number two. Who are your CUSTOMERS and who are your commodities? It has been informed to me that viewers are a commodity and that the real customers are the advertisers. Evidently this comes from buying too much crack cocaine and smoking it in the executive suites at FOX. Fair, naw, unbalanced, yes. Let me give the morons a prime example because you are hearing from a CUSTOMER and why I am a CUSTOMER and you execs have got it all wrong.

You have KTTV your affiliate station, they depend on advertisers to support their programming and they make the programming for the viewer. Now who can change channels and turn off who? Great question illustrating my exact point in educating the crack smoking execs. Can an advertiser turn off KTTV and stop watching? No, they depend on the station to advertise their products. Who, for the TV hosts, the production crew, the execs? Nope, they want me. They want me to watch and why is that? After all, I can do something they do not want me to do. They want me to watch their shows because when I see their shows, I see their advertisers products which I might buy. So it would seem that I am who they require to exist. yes advertiser revenues, but without my watching their shows and commercials, both KTTV and its advertisers both lose. Now doesn’t that seem to indicate that I am the customers and here is further proof. “CLICK” I have a controller for the TV set and I just turned the TV off. Now who is watching a show or commercial to buy a product? Certainly not me. Who really is the customer here for KTTV and FOX? It is the viewer. Who is the commodity? The advertiser because the viewer has the ultimate control and the TV studio requires like the advertiser, the viewer to watch both of their products. I am the CUSTOMER. You make products for me, keep that in mind folks.

So what exactly is wrong besides a skeleton production crew at KTTV? Problem number 3.

Viewer Demographics. I have discussed this before in these blogs, search for it and you will find it. Essentially who are your viewers, when do they watch, why do they watch, for how long do they watch? Answer these basic questions and you can fix problem number four, particularly in the morning lineup where the KTTV problems pervade.

The morning lineup. First, stop trying to be KTLA, instead be KTTV. Right now, GDLA is more or less a mess mixed into a news extension. It should be an entertainment venue, chopped to 2 hours. News should be extended an hour. First 5 minutes of GDLA news & weather, rest of the show entertainment and just that. I am sick and tired of a guy flailing his arms and everyone yells “SPORTS” I don’t care a rats ass about sports, honestly. I have blogged about the GDLA reformat and also news realignment in these blogs, but I’ll make everything easy for all of you to find, okay. These are all fixable problems and require serious attention. Changing hosts, cohosts, eliminating production resources doesn’t make KTTV more streamlined for the better. It is a quick path to get rid of your customers. No business has ever survived by getting rid of their customers. Want a prime example.

ABC for decades had a locked in dominating of midday audience of tens of millions. They threw that away because of another Broccolihead at their station. They killed off their soap operas and what do they dominate midday now every wee for saving money? They dominate crap ratings at best, and at worst alienated tens of millions of viewers, struggle to get their commodity aka. (advertisers) so KTTV can learn an invaluable lesson from this.

Take care of me, give me “THE CUSTOMER” the very best, fix the show formats, viewing times, rehire more production so I don’t have to watch a reporter picking their nose in front of millions. Do this and I’ll watch, I’ll consider buying your advertisers products. Ignore this and I have the ultimate power, the Customer and I’ll go CLICK with my controller and KTTV goes bye-bye!

One last note of importance. I have heard word of mean execs. Please mean execs, listen to your CUSTOMER, fix what is broken. Read this blog, check out my links and then re-read them again, and then think. You have a chance to becomeĀ  heroes instead of by labeled as tyrants. Fix what is broken for me, your CUSTOMER and not by firing talents both in production or before the camera, rather the viewing times and show formats. It is time to stop crapping on your CUSTOMERS, because we ultimately can crap back and ours is much bigger. The public always wins and no business ever won an argument with its customer, a good note to keep in mind execs.

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Jews Nobody To Blame But Themselves!

Funny someone Jewish who supports Israel’s right to exist and the original Constitutional freedoms Americans enjoy should write a title of an article like this. But after recent events, and considering most Jewish voters went lock, stock and sinker for Obama with a middle name “HUSSEIN” doesn’t surprise me.

For years we got some great and brilliant Jewish comedies, oft times parodies of other Jews, making them out to be full genechtagazoinks at best.

One such Tinselturd Schmuck Woody Allen has made a CaRear from making Jews look greedy, insecure, stupidĀ  ass buffoons, and that is one of many.

You would think this former wife-cheating putz would feel ferklempt, instead he turned out to be a real narish shvindel.

So now Jews are being enlisted, the communist JINOS (Jews In Name Only) they really are to trash Israel, get it destroyed, and give Iran the nuclear bomb to do it. These low-life creep commie scumbags are not real Jews, just in name only while they destroy our freedoms. They are and make no mistake about it folks, devils or under devils and thus are evil people all of them.

Was it no surprise that many Jews and some non-Jews in Hollywood this week have a commercial supporting Iran getting the bomb, so that Death to Israel can become a reality. Norman Lear comes to mind. I guess this TRAITOR Commie bastard who is a real life Meathead just proved that Archie Bunker was right all along. And speaking of Meatheads. The guy who played Michael Stivic turned out to be a real Meathead in real life, who would have figured?

1972 –

1971 –

Think about that folks, two meatheads for the price of one.

98 Hollywood Jews want a Nuke Iran. Here are their names.

Here, watch the commies who want you dead and Israel, the west and America destroyed, watching these mental disorder people, weigh in if you wish.

So it is okay for Arab Terrorists to kill Israelis, Americans, Jews and Christians, even their own Muslim peoples of differing faiths, but when Israel fights back for its very existence, the morons put this up.

or here

and who is funding most of the anti-Israel groups that call for boycotting? None other than the most famous big JINO himself, and er, oh, Nazi lover..tada!!!!!


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