The Tyrant Act!

Wouldn’t it be lovely that when some mega corporation or individual uses their big monies to buy and influence politicians for the worst of the country, they could be hit with ‘The Tyrant Act’

Honestly folks, lets say a billionaire uses their monies to finance groups, riots, and push communism and the destruction of your country.

Tyrant Number 1

So the tyrant act kicks in automatically freezing every asset they own both foreign and domestic.

Tyrant Number 2

Immediately an investigation is opened on them and bang, they are now stripped of their wealth except they get a residual 10 dollars and must pay for their own legal expenses. Furthermore, their assets are up for paying those they hurt. Guaranteed these billionaires and millionaires or as I like to coin their real name ‘Communaires’ will never hurt your country again.

Now let us talk about the Corpunaires, like for example a certain large ‘electric’ company whose CEO instead of creating jobs is sending them out of your country as fast as possible.

They bring bad things to life!

Freeze company assets, serve legal notice to the CEO and Board Members freeze their ASSets too. Open up the ‘Sherman Anti-Trust’ act on the corporation and have at it. Break them up into smaller competitive companies, make the marketplace a fair competitive place for business and jobs to be created. Worked in the past, will work again. There is no reason when an individual or giant mega corporation has become so big it threatens people’s very existence and happiness to just stop these tyrants which is exactly what they are, or far worse. When you have a corporation starving your people out of work, making cheap crap because of the lack of a fair marketplace they have monopolized, finance the very destruction of your freedoms and push for slave labor, it is time to say no and GE ain’t the only one. Throw in other giant corporations and other Billionaires and Millionaires and there is now a need to protect us from the monsters and that would be a ‘Tyrant Act’ as a very first step.

Oh and while I am at it, don’t forget to throw in the Ass-kissers as well who run for example chambers of commerce like a fifth column against your well being for a quick buck.

Is that a name I see?


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