Broccoli Goes Out With The Garbage

Retiring in the vegetable bag, quitting being an edible vegetable, got fired on the grill, rumors abound!!! Anyhow, like old vegetables, this one may soon be gone and the sooner the better. Will anyone remember this old vegetable, I mean really? Maybe some historian looking for something old to talk about. Honestly I couldn’t care a crap what happens to this vegetable. Served us well, naw, just left a bad taste in my mouth, definitely harmed the eyes when watching it. I cannot tell you how badly my eyes watered and the thought that vegetables could be anything but what they are, boggles the human mind.

Waking up in the morning seeing a vegetable trying to have a brain which it does not was very hard. Like asking people on the street about water. Can you believe that, a vegetable begging for comments on water? I guess it fits to some extent after all, produce requires water, even when it is half way gone. I should know, I grow vegetables and fruit on my spare time, just ask a former KTTV employee about 4 bags of jumbo figs and she can attest to this.


See, here is the big problem reflecting on this sad case of a vegetable in this consumer’s eyes. The station morning schedule could have been fixed, GDLA reformatted, the news teams for afternoon and early evening fixed, the weather reporting on the morning news in particular beefed up properly. More production people rehired so we don’t see all the small miscues every morning. It could have been so much better instead of getting on the TV tube in front of millions of viewers and asking a member of the public about the water drought…IT’S DRY!

Or the Bullet Train to nowhere? IT’S STOPPED!

on and on the vegetable went, bashing Governor Brown while not fixing their own station problems and like a bad vegetable contaminated with Salmonella, hoping someone will eat it, that didn’t happen. Problems and morale at KTTV sank further and further, people suffered and while I am not blaming Broccoli for everything, as a consumer of its product I was treated to CRAP and that is why this blog exists today, not because I have ever met or known the guy personally (at the time of this posting) but because as someone trusted to enhance my viewing experience, he did not. I am a consumer of broccoli complaining about the rotten vegetable’s quality of taste which I am entitled to do when it went on TV and became a public entity that did little or nothing to improve the viewing product it wanted me to digest as a loyal customer.



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