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19189474_BG2Kevin T. Hale

Well I have certainly been outspoken especially on the big cheese, but can you really blame his customer for complaining about his product? After all, one FOX KTTV personality asked if I would be verbally attacking their on the tube boss? Truthfully, I think KTTV could be tops especially in the morning hours which is where it is weakest, and no, I am not going to blame erhmmm, Kevin T. Hale for all woes. That goes to the Broccoliheads at Newscorp for making cheap and stupid decisions.

First just who are the KTTV viewers and viewers of TV in general, according to several insiders in the industry? You, me and the viewers, we are considered a commodity, that’s right, does that piss you off? Then who are the customers?

They think the customers are the paying advertisers. Does this begin to show all of you how very screwed up FOX and KTTV truly are? It does to me and I’ll be I am not the only viewer aka. real ‘Customer’ who notices this. The problem is that they have their theory all backwards. You, me, all of the viewers are actually the real ‘CUSTOMERS’ and the commodity is actually the advertisers who sponsor the shows and programming and I’ll again reiterate what I posted a while back in these blogs.

The ADVERTISERS=COMMODITY, TV VIEWER=CUSTOMER, do you think they realize this is true and here is why. The advertiser requires you to watch their product spot or commercial. FOX relies on you to watch their sponsored TV show hoping you won’t mute the commercial advertisement and that is clue number one to just what is wrong there. You have a TV controller and you can mute them. You can also change the channel or turn the TV off and even worse for them, forget they even exist, so in essence you are fully in control and it is you the viewer who is the most IMPORTANT CUSTOMER OF ALL!

Now that we got the theory end of it corrected lets go over what remains BROKEN in the morning at KTTV. If you  don’t know your viewer demographics, then you do not know who is watching, why they are watching, what time they are watching, what show they are watching. KTTV doesn’t understand this and so their programs remain broken and how do they fix it all? They blame it on their resource talents before the camera and also production as well. This fixes nothing! All it ensures is that things are still broken and that gets me to my dirty laundry list of the KTTV morning.

Let’s start with the weather. I recently pointed out that the KTTV weather is the worst, the very worst when it comes to morning weather and I am not blaming this on Maria Quiban either, not her fault. It falls to the weather producers. The map jumps from Burbank to Thousand Oaks, skipping a population center of 2.3 million plus and 35 miles distance. Every other station shows the heart of the San Fernando Valley at the Van Nuys civic center but not FOX. Every other station shows this.

Viewing times. I have been over this before. KTTV gives you 5 1/2 hours of mainly news every morning. Who watches news all morning long? GDLA is an extension of that, supposed to be an entertainment venue, instead its mostly news, sports mixed in (trust me, most viewers don’t care about sports) and then a few couch meetings and the rest a big mish-mash and again, I am not blaming the host and cohosts of the show. I blame the format and the viewing times which also tie in to the earlier news. None of it fixed, some things changed around, some major guests booked, but honestly the show is flat at best. It is a KTLA wannabe and it hurts me to make that statement but KTTV could be a lot better yet when someone honestly speaks up about what is going on, not only does it fall on deaf ears, but they botch it up even more in a desperate bid to raise the viewing numbers.

Yes, I realize that they get likes on Face Book or Twitter follows, but this does not a ratings sweep make. Care to see what I would have done? Search my blog archives about formatting GDLA and also realigning the news times for the morning lineup.


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