You know what KTTV needs?

They need a show like this and oh, by the way, I used to love watching this guy. Was very informative on California, its history, places and people. If KTTV were to send a reporter roaming with camera and Mic to visit the California outback each week, KTTV would have a hit. Call the show “Golden California Escapes” and feature these things each week.

Ms. Gina Silva

Perhaps Gina Silva, her bubbly personality and friendly family chuckle each week would delight viewers up and down the golden state. Here, let us view what worked and no longer is here.

Right now other than the usual violent night shows mish-mash or the reruns mixed with news segments, KTTV has little going. Throw in a dying American Idol or dance show and that’s it folks. Perhaps if Gina delivered a 1 hour show from California like the video segment educating us and fascinating viewers mixed with a bubbly personality, savvy, and brilliance, we would all have a show to watch. Not sure about all of you, but the glitter and glamor of expensive contestant shows and stupid series has run its mill with me on all the channels. Something like the show above is priceless and if you are glued to watching this show above or the one below, then you will realize what I am talking about.

Library Tower Downtown L.A.

and my favorite of all time.


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