And Now For The Weather!

So you wake up in the morning, switch on KTTV and their is the lovely as always Maria Quiban, nothing wrong with her and for a Hawaiian she can even Hula…Impressive!

She gives you the weather forecast, here, let’s watch it together, shall we.

Where is the weather for the San Fernando Valley, population 2.3 million? Exactly! No Van Nuys, the civic center for the central valley, no Northridge, no Chatsworth, no Encino, No Sylmar, No Canoga Park and an occasional Woodland Hills “HOT” mention every now and then. So who is responsible for KTTV’s lousy weather report? Maria Quiban? Nope, she is doing what the producers and execs giver her as formatted material to present. Well, let’s first take a good gander at rival KTLA5’s weather.

oooh, there is Liberte Chan on KTLA is that Van Nuys at 67? You decide.

Hmmm, what about KCBS2 weather. Oh hey, it’s Jackie Johnson. Is that Van Nuys at 68? You watch and you decide.

What about NBC? Oh look, oh goodie, is that Van Nuys I see?

Okay, ABC never shows Van Nuys or the SFV like FOX KTTV skips them, right?

well hang on a moment, FOX is mainly interested in the foreign marketplace we don’t care a rats behind about normal citizens anymore. Because we want the ‘Numero Uno’ marketplace instead.

Hey look, I think this spicy tortilla has Van Nuys at 51. Check her out, err I mean her weather forecast out.

So who do I blame for FOX KTTV having the worst crap for the SFV weather forecast and after viewing what I have posted here, you must agree with my point. I partially blame the weather producer for half the crap and oh well, the buck stops higher up in the station with a bunch of Schmuck!

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

For giving the customers like me, aka. the viewers the worst crap weather report and it is not and I want to be very clear, is not Maria Quiban’s fault. It is the weather producers and the higher ups that don’t give a God Foresaken rats ass about its customers and now they are getting the ear full they deserve. Start by recognizing you weather production morons the SFV population 2.3 million.


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