MIG-15 Marriage

So this week, the commies on the Supreme Court aka. SCOTUS which always for some reason reminds me of erhmm, SCROTUM said that a guy who humps another guy based on his humping him can get married and kill marriage between a man and a woman which has been the norm for tens of thousands of years. So this got me thinking.

If a guy who humps another guy can officially be married to him then it just goes to show anything can be married to anything else and what happier marriage then between old foes, an F-86 Sabre from America and a North Korean MIG-15. Here, take a look at them.

F-86 Sabre

and a

MIG 15

So think about it a moment. Let’s watch the F-86 Sabre firing a “Hot Load” right up the tail of a MIG 15, sparks will fly, the jet will explode in a fiery love boom.

and so I demand that SCOTUS allow all F-86’s to get married to MIG-15’s since marriage can now apply to anything.

BTW, the new ruling from SCROTUM, ooops I meant SCOTUS means a woman who straps on a plastic penis to have sex with another woman can get married to her as well, so why not jets that carry a hot load get married to jets they fire it at?

To learn more about the MIG 15 visit here.

To learn more about the F 86, visit here.

I claim my blog not as bigotry as my physical act descriptions are exactly what  the fighter jets do. But as informative free speech.

Long may marriage between jet fighters live, they will be liberated and while we are at it, I would also like to see Table’s get married to Chair’s.


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