Water Genius on a Mic

So now Broccolihead has something new called man on the street where the big cheese acts like a man on the street field news reporter.

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

So this ego bound schmuck who couldn’t help retain great key talents at KTTV FOX, he boasts proudly “I’m the GM” instead it should be “I’m the BM” like this below…

Broccolihead Interviews

and what does the moron do? He takes a microphone that he could have ‘PAID’ a needy reporter and created a job for and grandstands on TV like a field reporter ‘self-aggrandizing’ instead of making a TV Station run better and the moron talks about the drought, here, let’s hear a few of his mock comments.

Broccolihead: Uh what do you think about water?

Citizen1: It’s wet!

Broccolihead: Uh, should California be doing more to get water?

Citizen2: Duh, I don’t know, I just pay higher DWP Bills.

Department of Wild Pensions

Broccolihead: Do you think we can build giant desalination plants to make more water?

Citizen3: No! It will eventually rain harder than a dog on a fire hydrant and we will get all the water we need.

Broccolihead: What do you think of toilet to tap as water.

Citizen4: You drink it pal, lap it up, I’ll go bottled.

Broccolihead: Do you think I am doing a great job talking about water on the TV screen?

Citizen5: The new Murdoch sons will see you are a valueless moron not running their TV station and ‘can’ your ass faster than Charlie Tuna in a Starkist commercial, swimming off 1,000 miles of coastline!

Broccolihead: And that wraps up our water complaint, on screen appearance of your big cheese melting your TV screen, causing you to temporarily go blind and wear glasses and bursting your eardrums as you wake up in the morning! Take me away guys…Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!!!


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