Greenbike Civil War…they’re full of it!

It’s worse than you thought and the news media hasn’t a clue. While the federal government has spent trillions of your tax dollars on green energy, something came along. It was real green transportation. Couldn’t quite move at 35mph the minimal average road speed of traffic. Wasn’t slow enough as the standard bicycle but somewhere in-between. A no-man’s land is where it is at. A perfect zero polluting form of transportation and here is what it achieves. Zero pollution as mentioned, relieves traffic congestion on streets, 4 of them fit in the space of a mid-sized car, causes zero road resurfacing, so it saves municipalities big bucks repairing roads. In essence it does everything that governments from the feds to city govs preach, demand, tax their citizens on, repress their freedoms in the name of reducing carbon gasses and guess what folks. The governments are so very corrupted they are going to kill it because the legislatures are bought and sold as the clueless political whores they are. Every God damned one of them have gone a 180 on what they TAX you on, restrict your freedoms for. Where is the environmental people demanding, no, screaming for action? Nowhere. Not even a major Hollywood celebrity activist movie star is apt to doing anything about this. Why is this being done? Good question, let us view why.


Zero Polluting Throttle E-Bike

PEDELEC acronym for ‘Pedal Electric’ a form of electric bicycle that requires you to pedal. Average costs $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. What these require is you to pedal like a regular bicycle and an electric motor relieves the pedaling making it easier for you to pedal your bicycle. In essence what they are trying to do is reinvent and mimic a pedal bicycle. At ten times the cost of an average bicycle, not to mention buying new batteries and motors later when they break down. The companies that mainly make Pedelecs found they are not selling well so they formed a national consortium of manufacturers to ‘FORCE’ the market state-by-state as they shop legislatures to fix what a free market is rejecting. See, that is the problem. Businesses making a product they are at an immediate disadvantage from normal market products using corrupted government officials like Democratic ASSemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) from the Northern California area and ironically, a real hypocrite newly elected Republican ASSemblyman Matthew Harper from Huntington Beach California, the anti-plastic bag ban guy who wants free market capitalism for plastic bag shoppers, but not for ebike shoppers and owners, go figure huh. The problem is this well funded, well organized consortium of Pedelec manufacturers has a European counterpart and monetary connections it has been hinted. I could be wrong on this but they are trying to take the entire globe and steer it away from all other forms of electric bicycles and force consumers to choose. What they do not realize is they are committing mass suicide on a green form of transportation, technology, innovation and the entire ebike industry as they know it and they are not the only ones.

EBikes are being viciously attacked by many regular cycling groups and also hiking groups too, hence the reason why zero polluting ebikes are going to be banned from hiking trails, dirt and off road travel not to mention travel on bike paths or lanes. So many regular cycling groups want ebike technology repressed and thus are killing it to jealousy keep their public fought resources for themselves rather than embracing ebikes as brethren, hence the civil war.

So why suicide for Pedelecs? Well, here is why, let me show you. The Pedelec typically at a grand or more and you can go up to but no faster than 20MPH at $1,000.00 or higher.

Currie Eflow $3499.00

That’s right 35 hundred dollars to go 20MPH. Now let us see what they are up against. Remember after a few years or less you must replace that battery and probably other parts like a motor, not cheap!

Carbon Bicycle

All Carbon

$1199.99 and prices go up or down from there. No battery or motor to ever replace, endless range, super light weight at less than a third the cost oh, and you can probably hit 40MPH legally! The ebike Pedelec buyer is screwed from that speed. You can even ride this legally on dirt roads and mountain trails and in this sense I rest my case.

Now let us look at something else. For those who want the air in their face, with the destruction of ZERO POLLUTING Throttle Ebikes, here is what they will get themselves. Yeah, they will require a Motorcycle license and some insurance but here is what they will get. Remember that the above Pedelec is $3,700.00 easy plus tax and probably shipping so you can go 20MPH. I checked the net for nice used ones and here is what you can get for cheaper. Let me throw in you can when setup legally ride on a dirt road, a regular road, have endless range, travel as fast as cars, sounds better huh and how about for a bit less than the Pedelec?

Used Harley Davidson

That’s right and it is selling for only $3500.00 and if you click the photo you will see they are in this range up or down by model. Cheaper than the new Pedelec so you can put your chin up in the air and proclaim you can pedal to 20MPH for more than this costs. And since the great green state of California is about to show every throttle ebiker user why they are selling them out, by riding this you get the last vengeful laugh. Why, because opposite what your throttle ebike did, you get to pollute, contribute to traffic congestion, denigrate and cause road destruction so the municipalities can resurface and spend monies they don’t have fixing what you helped destroy. Isn’t government great, thank you David Chiu (God Bless Me)


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