As I predicted some time ago in these blogs.

When the old man steps down and hands this to his sons, things will change for a great many folks and probably not for the better. First there is the youngest son Mike Murdoch. Major Obama supporter, in close with a Saudi Big Money guy who owns part of FOX. ‘Fair and Balanced’ may quickly become a thing of the past. Expect many major layoffs at FOX stations nationwide especially anybody conservative in their political beliefs. Shows like Hannity and O’Reilly will probably get dumped and FOX news will become the new CNN as far left and unbalanced as it can get.

Announced this week on a Drudge article the WSJ, long a conservative leaning beacon of business. Massive layoffs are coming, many staff will be getting their pink slips.

‘American Idol’ being dropped. 2015 is the last season folks. Sadly, this gave a special talent a chance at worldwide recognition. This show’s disappearance marks the end of a real American Icon in TV history. It has always been my humble belief this began when the lovely Miss Paula Abdul ‘America’s Girl’ was let go. Of all on that show, she was the most loved and also the most mistreated by production. After she departed, the show was never the same.

Twenty First Century FOX films. Expect many benign titles that are brainwashing of big government and political correctness. They won’t make many films that are pro American of the older real America or its history and speaking of history. It will be re-written to favor those who hate the real history of a greater and grander America.

So where does Rupert’s retirement leave American Viewers who want fair and balanced news? To what remains of talk radio and blogs until the FCC bans those, then real news will be gone. There are no other TV news outlets that will deliver you the truth.


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