So this guy…


Wakes me up in the morning, I wasn’t in a good mood to start with and what does the guy complain about, the stupid fish, water released during a drought.

Hey moron, were you expecting the feds to be sensible? Ha! If you were, then you are a bigger moron then you thought. Can I give you some serious advice as a viewers, honestly.

First, create a new job for a real talent to get in front of the camera. Then let them complain, you need to focus on your own job and like the morons losing water, stop losing talents. Would you like me to show you a few? Okay let me show you talents you lost.

News producer.

Heidi S. Cuda. Top news production talent, a real pretty lady, a sweetheart personality, how is that for starters, and by the way moron, I am your very customer telling you. I am not your commodity. I can change channels and turn you and your advertisers off in a heartbeat, so you better be nice.

Dancing Weatherman, made national headlines, a hunky dude great voice, great personality with it guy the chicks liked watching and moron, you fired his ass after 22 years and shafted viewers, got it moron?

Legal analyst, pretty, smart, sharp witted how do you lose talent like this pretty lady with brains, moron? Please tell your customer, I am asking.

Tricia Takasugi, dedicated reporter, where did she go, why wasn’t she reporting? You have replaced her with half a dozen reporters, where is her wisdom, moron?

How about this morning lady, I drove right by her in her prime days at FOX when she did the Home Depot special and illegals. Why did she disappear from my TV screen?

Suzanne Marques

See my point is just this. While you are grandstanding in front of me about losing water, your station has lost key talents, should I throw in Courtney Friel?


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