Fixing every bike issue, goose and gander.

So Larry Patti at Currie Technologies wants to criminalize people who invested in ebike kits or ebikes that don’t meet what he dictates, and who is this guy exactly?

A GOD DAMNED CREEP in my book, but then again that is just my personal opinion of a CEO of a small company who financed a bill through California’s ultra-corrupted legislature to fix an entire state marketplace for his company. And this bespeaks an even bigger problem, how California legislates. Take for example the State Assemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) who let Leisure Suit Larry buy an entire state marketplace. Some think he is a great guy, really? Did his staff poll ebike users, that’s right Judson you ahole, you never called me back to talk, you rushed this through like the little political creep you are.

No, nobody asked how many in this state who invested in true green transportation feel about having their status criminalized so the CEO of a small company who inserted himself into bicycle political group(s)??? could finance a bill directly through his company, that kills off the free marketplace competition and criminalizes members of the public for investing in green transportation.

This is how bad California’s legislatures have fallen so what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

A Polycarbon frame bicycle with a 33 speed gear set can hit almost 50mph, in rare form exceed it through human pedal power. I am asking that Polycarbon frames be outlawed in the entire state of California and their owners be criminalized.

Gas powered bicycles should all be outlawed and their owners criminalized, they definitely pollute, right? After all, if ebike owners are about to be criminalized so a small company who makes polluting ebikes saying their product is good while fleecing potential stupid buyers, so they can pay a small fortune and then stick their chin up and proclaim they are great, while everyone who bought a cheaper pedal bike for a fraction of the cost. If ebike owners are crimianlized for throttle ebikes by a company who bought the state of California like cheap political whores at a time when the governor wants greenhouse gasses cut.

If this state criminalizes throttle ebikes and keeps bike paths unsafe for Leisure Suit Larry Patti, then please make it for everyone. Punish all cyclists, tax them bigtime, criminalize many for the cops to nab.

How do Pedal-assist ebikes pollute you ask as opposed to throttle ebikes?

With a pedal assist you must pedal and the motor helps. What these clowns are trying to do is replace pedal bikes. The main problem is they try to limit you when you buy their product and also lock you into maintenance as well. Batteries don’t last forever and considering my own personal experience with Currie’s past products, I can almost assure you, that you won’t be happy for very long.

Throttle ebikes create zero pollution, a perfect mode of transportation too. The very essence that the state of California calls for while criminalizing through a very corrupted system and the is the real sad fact here folks. The state assembly is so very bad, it is broken beyond repair.


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