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And Now For The Weather!

So you wake up in the morning, switch on KTTV and their is the lovely as always Maria Quiban, nothing wrong with her and for a Hawaiian she can even Hula…Impressive!

She gives you the weather forecast, here, let’s watch it together, shall we.

Where is the weather for the San Fernando Valley, population 2.3 million? Exactly! No Van Nuys, the civic center for the central valley, no Northridge, no Chatsworth, no Encino, No Sylmar, No Canoga Park and an occasional Woodland Hills “HOT” mention every now and then. So who is responsible for KTTV’s lousy weather report? Maria Quiban? Nope, she is doing what the producers and execs giver her as formatted material to present. Well, let’s first take a good gander at rival KTLA5’s weather.

oooh, there is Liberte Chan on KTLA is that Van Nuys at 67? You decide.

Hmmm, what about KCBS2 weather. Oh hey, it’s Jackie Johnson. Is that Van Nuys at 68? You watch and you decide.

What about NBC? Oh look, oh goodie, is that Van Nuys I see?

Okay, ABC never shows Van Nuys or the SFV like FOX KTTV skips them, right?

well hang on a moment, FOX is mainly interested in the foreign marketplace we don’t care a rats behind about normal citizens anymore. Because we want the ‘Numero Uno’ marketplace instead.

Hey look, I think this spicy tortilla has Van Nuys at 51. Check her out, err I mean her weather forecast out.

So who do I blame for FOX KTTV having the worst crap for the SFV weather forecast and after viewing what I have posted here, you must agree with my point. I partially blame the weather producer for half the crap and oh well, the buck stops higher up in the station with a bunch of Schmuck!

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

For giving the customers like me, aka. the viewers the worst crap weather report and it is not and I want to be very clear, is not Maria Quiban’s fault. It is the weather producers and the higher ups that don’t give a God Foresaken rats ass about its customers and now they are getting the ear full they deserve. Start by recognizing you weather production morons the SFV population 2.3 million.


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MIG-15 Marriage

So this week, the commies on the Supreme Court aka. SCOTUS which always for some reason reminds me of erhmm, SCROTUM said that a guy who humps another guy based on his humping him can get married and kill marriage between a man and a woman which has been the norm for tens of thousands of years. So this got me thinking.

If a guy who humps another guy can officially be married to him then it just goes to show anything can be married to anything else and what happier marriage then between old foes, an F-86 Sabre from America and a North Korean MIG-15. Here, take a look at them.

F-86 Sabre

and a

MIG 15

So think about it a moment. Let’s watch the F-86 Sabre firing a “Hot Load” right up the tail of a MIG 15, sparks will fly, the jet will explode in a fiery love boom.

and so I demand that SCOTUS allow all F-86’s to get married to MIG-15’s since marriage can now apply to anything.

BTW, the new ruling from SCROTUM, ooops I meant SCOTUS means a woman who straps on a plastic penis to have sex with another woman can get married to her as well, so why not jets that carry a hot load get married to jets they fire it at?

To learn more about the MIG 15 visit here.

To learn more about the F 86, visit here.

I claim my blog not as bigotry as my physical act descriptions are exactly what  the fighter jets do. But as informative free speech.

Long may marriage between jet fighters live, they will be liberated and while we are at it, I would also like to see Table’s get married to Chair’s.

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As I predicted some time ago in these blogs.

When the old man steps down and hands this to his sons, things will change for a great many folks and probably not for the better. First there is the youngest son Mike Murdoch. Major Obama supporter, in close with a Saudi Big Money guy who owns part of FOX. ‘Fair and Balanced’ may quickly become a thing of the past. Expect many major layoffs at FOX stations nationwide especially anybody conservative in their political beliefs. Shows like Hannity and O’Reilly will probably get dumped and FOX news will become the new CNN as far left and unbalanced as it can get.

Announced this week on a Drudge article the WSJ, long a conservative leaning beacon of business. Massive layoffs are coming, many staff will be getting their pink slips.

‘American Idol’ being dropped. 2015 is the last season folks. Sadly, this gave a special talent a chance at worldwide recognition. This show’s disappearance marks the end of a real American Icon in TV history. It has always been my humble belief this began when the lovely Miss Paula Abdul ‘America’s Girl’ was let go. Of all on that show, she was the most loved and also the most mistreated by production. After she departed, the show was never the same.

Twenty First Century FOX films. Expect many benign titles that are brainwashing of big government and political correctness. They won’t make many films that are pro American of the older real America or its history and speaking of history. It will be re-written to favor those who hate the real history of a greater and grander America.

So where does Rupert’s retirement leave American Viewers who want fair and balanced news? To what remains of talk radio and blogs until the FCC bans those, then real news will be gone. There are no other TV news outlets that will deliver you the truth.

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Water Genius on a Mic

So now Broccolihead has something new called man on the street where the big cheese acts like a man on the street field news reporter.

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

Broccolihead With Melted Cheese

So this ego bound schmuck who couldn’t help retain great key talents at KTTV FOX, he boasts proudly “I’m the GM” instead it should be “I’m the BM” like this below…

Broccolihead Interviews

and what does the moron do? He takes a microphone that he could have ‘PAID’ a needy reporter and created a job for and grandstands on TV like a field reporter ‘self-aggrandizing’ instead of making a TV Station run better and the moron talks about the drought, here, let’s hear a few of his mock comments.

Broccolihead: Uh what do you think about water?

Citizen1: It’s wet!

Broccolihead: Uh, should California be doing more to get water?

Citizen2: Duh, I don’t know, I just pay higher DWP Bills.

Department of Wild Pensions

Broccolihead: Do you think we can build giant desalination plants to make more water?

Citizen3: No! It will eventually rain harder than a dog on a fire hydrant and we will get all the water we need.

Broccolihead: What do you think of toilet to tap as water.

Citizen4: You drink it pal, lap it up, I’ll go bottled.

Broccolihead: Do you think I am doing a great job talking about water on the TV screen?

Citizen5: The new Murdoch sons will see you are a valueless moron not running their TV station and ‘can’ your ass faster than Charlie Tuna in a Starkist commercial, swimming off 1,000 miles of coastline!

Broccolihead: And that wraps up our water complaint, on screen appearance of your big cheese melting your TV screen, causing you to temporarily go blind and wear glasses and bursting your eardrums as you wake up in the morning! Take me away guys…Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!!!

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Greenbike Civil War…they’re full of it!

It’s worse than you thought and the news media hasn’t a clue. While the federal government has spent trillions of your tax dollars on green energy, something came along. It was real green transportation. Couldn’t quite move at 35mph the minimal average road speed of traffic. Wasn’t slow enough as the standard bicycle but somewhere in-between. A no-man’s land is where it is at. A perfect zero polluting form of transportation and here is what it achieves. Zero pollution as mentioned, relieves traffic congestion on streets, 4 of them fit in the space of a mid-sized car, causes zero road resurfacing, so it saves municipalities big bucks repairing roads. In essence it does everything that governments from the feds to city govs preach, demand, tax their citizens on, repress their freedoms in the name of reducing carbon gasses and guess what folks. The governments are so very corrupted they are going to kill it because the legislatures are bought and sold as the clueless political whores they are. Every God damned one of them have gone a 180 on what they TAX you on, restrict your freedoms for. Where is the environmental people demanding, no, screaming for action? Nowhere. Not even a major Hollywood celebrity activist movie star is apt to doing anything about this. Why is this being done? Good question, let us view why.


Zero Polluting Throttle E-Bike

PEDELEC acronym for ‘Pedal Electric’ a form of electric bicycle that requires you to pedal. Average costs $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. What these require is you to pedal like a regular bicycle and an electric motor relieves the pedaling making it easier for you to pedal your bicycle. In essence what they are trying to do is reinvent and mimic a pedal bicycle. At ten times the cost of an average bicycle, not to mention buying new batteries and motors later when they break down. The companies that mainly make Pedelecs found they are not selling well so they formed a national consortium of manufacturers to ‘FORCE’ the market state-by-state as they shop legislatures to fix what a free market is rejecting. See, that is the problem. Businesses making a product they are at an immediate disadvantage from normal market products using corrupted government officials like Democratic ASSemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) from the Northern California area and ironically, a real hypocrite newly elected Republican ASSemblyman Matthew Harper from Huntington Beach California, the anti-plastic bag ban guy who wants free market capitalism for plastic bag shoppers, but not for ebike shoppers and owners, go figure huh. The problem is this well funded, well organized consortium of Pedelec manufacturers has a European counterpart and monetary connections it has been hinted. I could be wrong on this but they are trying to take the entire globe and steer it away from all other forms of electric bicycles and force consumers to choose. What they do not realize is they are committing mass suicide on a green form of transportation, technology, innovation and the entire ebike industry as they know it and they are not the only ones.

EBikes are being viciously attacked by many regular cycling groups and also hiking groups too, hence the reason why zero polluting ebikes are going to be banned from hiking trails, dirt and off road travel not to mention travel on bike paths or lanes. So many regular cycling groups want ebike technology repressed and thus are killing it to jealousy keep their public fought resources for themselves rather than embracing ebikes as brethren, hence the civil war.

So why suicide for Pedelecs? Well, here is why, let me show you. The Pedelec typically at a grand or more and you can go up to but no faster than 20MPH at $1,000.00 or higher.

Currie Eflow $3499.00

That’s right 35 hundred dollars to go 20MPH. Now let us see what they are up against. Remember after a few years or less you must replace that battery and probably other parts like a motor, not cheap!

Carbon Bicycle

All Carbon

$1199.99 and prices go up or down from there. No battery or motor to ever replace, endless range, super light weight at less than a third the cost oh, and you can probably hit 40MPH legally! The ebike Pedelec buyer is screwed from that speed. You can even ride this legally on dirt roads and mountain trails and in this sense I rest my case.

Now let us look at something else. For those who want the air in their face, with the destruction of ZERO POLLUTING Throttle Ebikes, here is what they will get themselves. Yeah, they will require a Motorcycle license and some insurance but here is what they will get. Remember that the above Pedelec is $3,700.00 easy plus tax and probably shipping so you can go 20MPH. I checked the net for nice used ones and here is what you can get for cheaper. Let me throw in you can when setup legally ride on a dirt road, a regular road, have endless range, travel as fast as cars, sounds better huh and how about for a bit less than the Pedelec?

Used Harley Davidson

That’s right and it is selling for only $3500.00 and if you click the photo you will see they are in this range up or down by model. Cheaper than the new Pedelec so you can put your chin up in the air and proclaim you can pedal to 20MPH for more than this costs. And since the great green state of California is about to show every throttle ebiker user why they are selling them out, by riding this you get the last vengeful laugh. Why, because opposite what your throttle ebike did, you get to pollute, contribute to traffic congestion, denigrate and cause road destruction so the municipalities can resurface and spend monies they don’t have fixing what you helped destroy. Isn’t government great, thank you David Chiu (God Bless Me)

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So this guy…


Wakes me up in the morning, I wasn’t in a good mood to start with and what does the guy complain about, the stupid fish, water released during a drought.

Hey moron, were you expecting the feds to be sensible? Ha! If you were, then you are a bigger moron then you thought. Can I give you some serious advice as a viewers, honestly.

First, create a new job for a real talent to get in front of the camera. Then let them complain, you need to focus on your own job and like the morons losing water, stop losing talents. Would you like me to show you a few? Okay let me show you talents you lost.

News producer.

Heidi S. Cuda. Top news production talent, a real pretty lady, a sweetheart personality, how is that for starters, and by the way moron, I am your very customer telling you. I am not your commodity. I can change channels and turn you and your advertisers off in a heartbeat, so you better be nice.

Dancing Weatherman, made national headlines, a hunky dude great voice, great personality with it guy the chicks liked watching and moron, you fired his ass after 22 years and shafted viewers, got it moron?

Legal analyst, pretty, smart, sharp witted how do you lose talent like this pretty lady with brains, moron? Please tell your customer, I am asking.

Tricia Takasugi, dedicated reporter, where did she go, why wasn’t she reporting? You have replaced her with half a dozen reporters, where is her wisdom, moron?

How about this morning lady, I drove right by her in her prime days at FOX when she did the Home Depot special and illegals. Why did she disappear from my TV screen?

Suzanne Marques

See my point is just this. While you are grandstanding in front of me about losing water, your station has lost key talents, should I throw in Courtney Friel?

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Fixing every bike issue, goose and gander.

So Larry Patti at Currie Technologies wants to criminalize people who invested in ebike kits or ebikes that don’t meet what he dictates, and who is this guy exactly?

A GOD DAMNED CREEP in my book, but then again that is just my personal opinion of a CEO of a small company who financed a bill through California’s ultra-corrupted legislature to fix an entire state marketplace for his company. And this bespeaks an even bigger problem, how California legislates. Take for example the State Assemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) who let Leisure Suit Larry buy an entire state marketplace. Some think he is a great guy, really? Did his staff poll ebike users, that’s right Judson you ahole, you never called me back to talk, you rushed this through like the little political creep you are.

No, nobody asked how many in this state who invested in true green transportation feel about having their status criminalized so the CEO of a small company who inserted himself into bicycle political group(s)??? could finance a bill directly through his company, that kills off the free marketplace competition and criminalizes members of the public for investing in green transportation.

This is how bad California’s legislatures have fallen so what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

A Polycarbon frame bicycle with a 33 speed gear set can hit almost 50mph, in rare form exceed it through human pedal power. I am asking that Polycarbon frames be outlawed in the entire state of California and their owners be criminalized.

Gas powered bicycles should all be outlawed and their owners criminalized, they definitely pollute, right? After all, if ebike owners are about to be criminalized so a small company who makes polluting ebikes saying their product is good while fleecing potential stupid buyers, so they can pay a small fortune and then stick their chin up and proclaim they are great, while everyone who bought a cheaper pedal bike for a fraction of the cost. If ebike owners are crimianlized for throttle ebikes by a company who bought the state of California like cheap political whores at a time when the governor wants greenhouse gasses cut.

If this state criminalizes throttle ebikes and keeps bike paths unsafe for Leisure Suit Larry Patti, then please make it for everyone. Punish all cyclists, tax them bigtime, criminalize many for the cops to nab.

How do Pedal-assist ebikes pollute you ask as opposed to throttle ebikes?

With a pedal assist you must pedal and the motor helps. What these clowns are trying to do is replace pedal bikes. The main problem is they try to limit you when you buy their product and also lock you into maintenance as well. Batteries don’t last forever and considering my own personal experience with Currie’s past products, I can almost assure you, that you won’t be happy for very long.

Throttle ebikes create zero pollution, a perfect mode of transportation too. The very essence that the state of California calls for while criminalizing through a very corrupted system and the is the real sad fact here folks. The state assembly is so very bad, it is broken beyond repair.

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