The Green State No…

California is not the GREEN state. Rather it is the $$$GREEN$$$ state when it comes to raping its citizens. Let me give you a perfect example of this.

In California you have this corrupted State Assemblyman (among others) whose ignorance and greed allowed them to pass a bill banning green zero pollution throttle electric bicycles. They passed this bill AB1096 in the guise of safety and re-classification. The bill was financed by a company called Currie Technologies in part or whole, and the CEO of that company is Larry Patti.

Now you figured this guy is happy selling his products right? Nope, he had to insert himself onto bicycle boards or perhaps one important board and got a bill to the corrupted assemblyman that messes up what currently is working and what is in this bill you ask?

Why the bill illustrates how you can buy a corrupt politician in the guise of David Chiu (God Bless Me) and fling political snot at the very people who have complied with the wishes of the great GREEN State of California. You see, what Mr. Patti helped get done was to criminalize and outlaw all 1kw ebikes. But it gets much much worse than that. What AB1096 does is the following. It opens all bike paths to Mr. Patti’s (I can’t go faster than 20MPH while pedaling cyclists can) products, well overpriced and so limited, you can almost run faster than they ride. In addition it bans any green electric bicycle with a motor size more than his magic and very limiting 750watt motors and then it goes a step further. It also bans ebikes from off roads and trails in the entire state. So if you pedal a mountain bike, crank out heavy carbons into the air (those are the magic greenhouse gasses you breathe that they say you shouldn’t breathe) you are okay pedaling on a trail and bike path or bike lane. If you push a thumb throttle or twist throttle and create zero pollution on an electric motor bigger than 750 watts and can go 21MPH you are a criminal. Your ebike should be confiscated so Leisure Suit Larry Patti can sell you one of his pieces of crap.

With me so far? So how is this bad, very bad? Because if you can buy a crooked assemblyman like David Chiu (God Bless Me) and his political snot (He really needs a box of political Kleenex) to fix a marketplace in this case the golden calf of California, then imagine what other markets are for sale to other crooks in the state government and that is why Leisure Suit Larry Patti and Currie Tecnologies whose products I would never buy again after this stint are killing the electric bicycle market.

Well, The Sierra Club and environmentalist groups will step in and save zero pollution electric throttle bicycles as green transportation, right? Nope, not a word from anyone, they just don’t care. What about that big bad group called Carb? To quote one of their board members, they are not involved in this type of vehicle…astounding! The fanatics at CARB who want green energy are allowing gas powered bikes to be rewarded while turning a blind eye at the killing-off and destruction of the existing throttle electric bikes and their owners. I think this says a lot folks.


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