Reversed Racism, a Hot Topic!

You know, when I see and read and hear about things like these, it just breaks my heart, honestly.

and Black on Black violence as demonstrated here including against a Peace Officer God Bless him for protecting people. And how is he treated?

I have always looked at African American aka what I call Black folks that I have known as some of the friendliest, nicest with-it, sharp witted and sweetest folks I have ever known.  And that’s no Bull!!!

For example, when I was born, a black woman took care of me in the late 50’s and early 60’s. She was paid to do so and it was said she just loved me in her arms as a toddler. She used to sing lullabyes and sometimes had tears that I was there. Now I am not black, can probably actually pass for white though my heritage is as a Latino Jew. A mixed minority race.

Then there are the years in the 1980’s and beyond. I forgot the name of the lead cook at the CalMart, a sweet black guy who was always smiles when he saw me, just loved me and we were like buds. I wasn’t a kid anymore but he always made me the best breakfasts (yeah he spit in your food!!!) nope not at all. We had a great friendship and trust as strangers and he actually reminds me a lot of FOX KTTV TV News anchor Tony McEwing, someone that has a great golden personality. Tony is my today bud because he’s just the very best. Needless to say I never went hungry when working at the fashion industry CalMart those days with fashion models and expensive clothing fashion. That’s another glamorous industry long gone from the country but an issue for another blog at another time.

Meanwhile we just got a card from Diane and who is she? A black woman who loves all of us. She used to be a big department store executive buyer and an absolute giggly sweetheart. That’s why when Gina Silva giggles it reminds me of a cross between a giggler like Diane and a chuckler like my cousin Jan, Gina has both of those personalities 🙂

Then there was my former agent Gordy. You know, I love and respect Gordy and while in business we eventually parted, I must say here is what I admire most about him. He has a great personality. In addition, this man is very sharp witted and quick, a very smart guy who has accomplished a great deal in his life and Gordy also had a very major Motown connection as well. I respect and like him a lot even though it has been quite a while since we worked together.

These are just a few folks I have known besides neighbors and other young men and women all black who have been both friendly, respectable and quite opposite of what the bad people are doing in the video above and that is what is really sad here especially with Michelle Obama constantly pushing a race war and her husband Barak too. What you see above is because of the mood of the country and also professional and radical agitators of the communist kind. It is the very same reason you have gay radicals attacking Christian bakeries while nullifying marriage.

I have known many gay people as well, including neighbors, and get along well with all of them. They know I’m straight and never tried hitting on me. Same with a Lesbian neighbor always kind and friendly and why? Because they know that we all are trying to live. Nobody wants trouble, well most people don’t. And people are too busy trying to survive in a system that is being handed over on a gold platter to communists who are pushing the destruction of society right before our very eyes.

and the husband destroying America!

and the very sad result of pushing communism, the suffering, so unnecessary!!! Just heartbreaking watching this one.

The point getting back to what is going on in Black American Culture today, same as is being propagated in other cultures in a negative fashion, that it is being used right now to destroy this country as fast as possible and its cultures, history, government and a large majority of the population who doesn’t want to be enslaved into totalitarian Islamic Communism. Or as I like to coin the new marriage between extreme Islam and Communism as “Islamunism” you heard that right.

and finally, I am hoping when the Obama’s and perhaps communists fall from power in this once great nation a bastion of freedom…this is the American portrayal of my black brothers and sisters I really want to see. The Americans who fought evil to make something better of their lives with a fighting spirit.


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