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A Budding Poet.

After having the great honor to meet Misses Heidi S. Cuda in person this weekend, I also got to meet a rare gem, her young poet and I got to thinking having authored many poems myself on some friendly advice.

Don’t try to sell a few poems or a single poem. Instead concentrate on building an ‘anthology’ of many poems, that is a collection and here is a structured way to consider going about it.

First, figure out categories you want to author of poems. Some examples might be the seasons, or morning, or flowers, perhaps things like a poem for a great day.

Once you have organized several categories, start by writing just one poem a day, each day. It sounds like a lot, but actually it doesn’t take much to do. Remember there are many forms of poetry too. Not all poetry is rhyming as many think. A perfect example is a gift card like for example a Birthday Card, or erhmmm, a Mothers Day Card as all of our moms are always the very best. You will notice some rhyme, but many do not.

In a years time you will be able to organize the 365 poems you have into anthologies. Best to sell several anthologies, honest. So, for example you have an anthology of ‘Morning Poems’

It does add up over time and as you maintain your persistence at it daily, you can look back at the work and realize you have achieved much more than other young and budding artists as yourself.


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A tune dedicated to KTTV Broccolihead Management morons.


Dedicated to Broccoliheads everywhere. Why don’t you worry about giving the San Fernando Valley 2.3 million population a news weather forecast you moron! Here’s a song dedicated to your work.

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This months gateway flick to the summer.

1951 “Vengeance Valley” a look at an earlier, more moral and better America.

Enjoy!!! Yes it is in the public domain. Nothing being basshed except some popcorn fun for free.

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Reversed Racism, a Hot Topic!

You know, when I see and read and hear about things like these, it just breaks my heart, honestly.

and Black on Black violence as demonstrated here including against a Peace Officer God Bless him for protecting people. And how is he treated?

I have always looked at African American aka what I call Black folks that I have known as some of the friendliest, nicest with-it, sharp witted and sweetest folks I have ever known.  And that’s no Bull!!!

For example, when I was born, a black woman took care of me in the late 50’s and early 60’s. She was paid to do so and it was said she just loved me in her arms as a toddler. She used to sing lullabyes and sometimes had tears that I was there. Now I am not black, can probably actually pass for white though my heritage is as a Latino Jew. A mixed minority race.

Then there are the years in the 1980’s and beyond. I forgot the name of the lead cook at the CalMart, a sweet black guy who was always smiles when he saw me, just loved me and we were like buds. I wasn’t a kid anymore but he always made me the best breakfasts (yeah he spit in your food!!!) nope not at all. We had a great friendship and trust as strangers and he actually reminds me a lot of FOX KTTV TV News anchor Tony McEwing, someone that has a great golden personality. Tony is my today bud because he’s just the very best. Needless to say I never went hungry when working at the fashion industry CalMart those days with fashion models and expensive clothing fashion. That’s another glamorous industry long gone from the country but an issue for another blog at another time.

Meanwhile we just got a card from Diane and who is she? A black woman who loves all of us. She used to be a big department store executive buyer and an absolute giggly sweetheart. That’s why when Gina Silva giggles it reminds me of a cross between a giggler like Diane and a chuckler like my cousin Jan, Gina has both of those personalities 🙂

Then there was my former agent Gordy. You know, I love and respect Gordy and while in business we eventually parted, I must say here is what I admire most about him. He has a great personality. In addition, this man is very sharp witted and quick, a very smart guy who has accomplished a great deal in his life and Gordy also had a very major Motown connection as well. I respect and like him a lot even though it has been quite a while since we worked together.

These are just a few folks I have known besides neighbors and other young men and women all black who have been both friendly, respectable and quite opposite of what the bad people are doing in the video above and that is what is really sad here especially with Michelle Obama constantly pushing a race war and her husband Barak too. What you see above is because of the mood of the country and also professional and radical agitators of the communist kind. It is the very same reason you have gay radicals attacking Christian bakeries while nullifying marriage.

I have known many gay people as well, including neighbors, and get along well with all of them. They know I’m straight and never tried hitting on me. Same with a Lesbian neighbor always kind and friendly and why? Because they know that we all are trying to live. Nobody wants trouble, well most people don’t. And people are too busy trying to survive in a system that is being handed over on a gold platter to communists who are pushing the destruction of society right before our very eyes.

and the husband destroying America!

and the very sad result of pushing communism, the suffering, so unnecessary!!! Just heartbreaking watching this one.

The point getting back to what is going on in Black American Culture today, same as is being propagated in other cultures in a negative fashion, that it is being used right now to destroy this country as fast as possible and its cultures, history, government and a large majority of the population who doesn’t want to be enslaved into totalitarian Islamic Communism. Or as I like to coin the new marriage between extreme Islam and Communism as “Islamunism” you heard that right.

and finally, I am hoping when the Obama’s and perhaps communists fall from power in this once great nation a bastion of freedom…this is the American portrayal of my black brothers and sisters I really want to see. The Americans who fought evil to make something better of their lives with a fighting spirit.

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The Green State No…

California is not the GREEN state. Rather it is the $$$GREEN$$$ state when it comes to raping its citizens. Let me give you a perfect example of this.

In California you have this corrupted State Assemblyman (among others) whose ignorance and greed allowed them to pass a bill banning green zero pollution throttle electric bicycles. They passed this bill AB1096 in the guise of safety and re-classification. The bill was financed by a company called Currie Technologies in part or whole, and the CEO of that company is Larry Patti.

Now you figured this guy is happy selling his products right? Nope, he had to insert himself onto bicycle boards or perhaps one important board and got a bill to the corrupted assemblyman that messes up what currently is working and what is in this bill you ask?

Why the bill illustrates how you can buy a corrupt politician in the guise of David Chiu (God Bless Me) and fling political snot at the very people who have complied with the wishes of the great GREEN State of California. You see, what Mr. Patti helped get done was to criminalize and outlaw all 1kw ebikes. But it gets much much worse than that. What AB1096 does is the following. It opens all bike paths to Mr. Patti’s (I can’t go faster than 20MPH while pedaling cyclists can) products, well overpriced and so limited, you can almost run faster than they ride. In addition it bans any green electric bicycle with a motor size more than his magic and very limiting 750watt motors and then it goes a step further. It also bans ebikes from off roads and trails in the entire state. So if you pedal a mountain bike, crank out heavy carbons into the air (those are the magic greenhouse gasses you breathe that they say you shouldn’t breathe) you are okay pedaling on a trail and bike path or bike lane. If you push a thumb throttle or twist throttle and create zero pollution on an electric motor bigger than 750 watts and can go 21MPH you are a criminal. Your ebike should be confiscated so Leisure Suit Larry Patti can sell you one of his pieces of crap.

With me so far? So how is this bad, very bad? Because if you can buy a crooked assemblyman like David Chiu (God Bless Me) and his political snot (He really needs a box of political Kleenex) to fix a marketplace in this case the golden calf of California, then imagine what other markets are for sale to other crooks in the state government and that is why Leisure Suit Larry Patti and Currie Tecnologies whose products I would never buy again after this stint are killing the electric bicycle market.

Well, The Sierra Club and environmentalist groups will step in and save zero pollution electric throttle bicycles as green transportation, right? Nope, not a word from anyone, they just don’t care. What about that big bad group called Carb? To quote one of their board members, they are not involved in this type of vehicle…astounding! The fanatics at CARB who want green energy are allowing gas powered bikes to be rewarded while turning a blind eye at the killing-off and destruction of the existing throttle electric bikes and their owners. I think this says a lot folks.

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American States killing Green Transportation

Okay, so corrupt Democratic State ASSemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) from the San Fransisco area and to a lesser extent Republican State ASSemblyman Matthew Harper, someone who (wink wink nod nod) supports real free markets and technology sold out California, the environment and free markets. With the Dems screaming green energy and the republicans claiming free markets and neither party really supporting what they scream for anymore, is this really surprise me? No! And it should not surprise you either that the great bulk majority of those in office are corrupted pigs at best (sorry pigs if I offended you animals, you are better than these phony scumbags)

Okay, so what is it like to ride an electric bicycle as real transportation? Great question. Is it a motorcycle, a scooter or moped? Well, I have had as guests friends and neighbors ride my ebikes as an opinion. The three in question, two of them own and ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles and one rides a Cafe style motorcycle and also owns a moped-go figure!

Opinions after testing the ebikes out are these are definitely motorized but they are still lightweight bicycles. That was the opinion of the three motorcycle riders. Honest folks, I am not making this up. They actually at differing times as they rode with me on separate occasions and neither of them had talked to the other in my question. Consensus was these are bicycles.

So we essentially have a new class of transportation and zero polluting transportation at that and how are those who invest in this form of transportation treated? Well, first we must realize that the electric bicycle industry is in a civil war in this country and elsewhere around the globe. Yes, you heard that right, ebike civil war and between who?

The ebike civil war is between those who sell a slow pedal assist ebike where the rider must pedal. These bikes are slow the pedaling is made easy so there is no real workout. Average cost over $1,000.00 in fact many are in the $2,500.00 range and up. The batteries have to replaced about every two to three years and some every year depending on how many recharges are performed.

Then there are the ebikes known as Throttle Bikes. Twist or thumb throttle and oh, by the way, they also include a pedal assist mode too. Kit bikes can be built for around a grand on up to well over ten grand for turn key bikes. Motors can move bikes up to and depending on how large and the battery voltage well beyond 20mph.

The problem the pedal assist manufacturers have is they are at the bottom rung of sales. They have such an expensive product that is so very limited in almost every aspect as are for that matter all ebikes throttle or pedal-assist that it is a slowly dying niche industry, but for pedal assist, within the ebike community, most ebikers go throttle. What that is, is the marketplace at work in a fair market, so to get the market to favor the pedal-assist manufacturers, they formed coalitions for their specific niche ebike type and are going around the country (USA) state-by-state and shopping assembly and municipal bills to outlaw the large but not organized throttle bike products so that pedal only ebikes are accepted. Since their products are for the most part dying, they essentially kill not only their own industry, but true green transportation. So for example like California about to criminalize throttle bikes and oh, off road dirt trails as well, that kills what is really selling in the ebike marketplace for the short term benefits if any for the pedal-assist manufacturers. But there is a much grander overall market outside the ebike community that comes into play and for all the expenditures the pedal-assist manufacturers spend their resources on killing their own in their ebike civil war, what they cannot compete against is simply, newer light weight bikes with a 21 speed Shimano shifter and an aluminum frame. While they limit their own pedal bikes to no more than 20mph, a 21 speed bike can readily hit 35mph and does it cost thousands? Nope, try a few hundred bucks. Don’t believe me check out these links.

Good ol Schwinn, and light weight too. No batteries to replace, solid and you have an endless range. No 4 hours recharging things. Here, check out the price, this beats any Currie electric any day or any other pedal assist ebike, at a fraction of the cost and guess what. While you are getting a healthy workout, you will defeating the green energy screamers by cranking out increased exhaled carbon into the atmosphere which might stop the coming ice age.

Pedal-Assist Ebike Killer!!!

Then there is the throttle up wind in your face fun. Why be stuck with a $4,000.00 5,000 watt ebike when you can buy this used, have endless range, ride any road or even freeways and while it is used, you can pop that special chick or dude on the back seat with you. Here, think I am kidding how about this? Used oldie but goodie.

And then there are these for a cost of a 8,000 watt ebike at $9,000.00 what about one of these below as used transportation? You can go anywhere, carry groceries and multiple people too.

And this is my point. While the great state of North Carolina is to ban throttle ebikes in fact all motorized bicycles, while Pennsylvania limits pedal only ebikes to no more than 20 mph, and California the greenest state of them all, their politicians sell out the entire struggling ebike industry to pedal only manufacturers and criminalize everything else. In Arizona a desert state, just try riding an ebike. You’re treated like a felon. The problem is that while real green transportation, perhaps one of the best to come along in some time is here now, instead of embracing it, politicians are killing it.

Worse off, the pedal only manufacturers are committing suicide for the long term. They cannot compete against lightweight pedal bikes with lightweight frames and high gears and an endless range. They also cannot compete against real transportation either. What they produce and sell is a very expensive to purchase, expensive to maintain “good two shoes” chin-in-the-air fantasy for a few delusional buyers who arrogantly proclaim they are saving the world while the rest of the world bypasses them and mocks and laughs at them on their way out of existence as an industry and pedal-assist ebike user. With all ebikes there was a chance, but the future is clear. Go green for the environment and you will be criminalized by the United States governments top to bottom and that is about the most honest blog post on the state of the DYING EBIKE INDUSTRY American politicians are killing.

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California Deflates Green Transportation

AB1096 a new bill in the California Assembly is about to kill the electric bicycle industry long term for the short term profits of niche ebike pedal assist manufacturers. Now before I go any further, let me explain who and what they are, their products and so forth.

Electric bicycles are an industry still in its infancy and there are several flavors to them. When we think of electric bikes we think of the twist throttle and off you go and that is actually the bulk industry for now. But on the small niche side with weak sales are the slow bikes mainly that require pedal assist. The niche market in this case accounts for about 5% of all ebike sales, as most ebike purchasers spend their dollars on a fast twist throttle bike with range and speed. This is what the market dictates. Unhappy with their sloping sales of niche bikes, the sparse manufacturers of these slow pedal only bikes wants to corner the market and own it for mainly their own products. They are doing this to mainly kill the bulk ebike marketplace for their own short term financial gains. Here, let me show you what types of products I am talking about.

$3500.00 for the average Pedal Assist bicycle. Maximum speed about 20mph, range with pedaling about 12 to 15 miles.

What you notice is that in the video above this is mainly sports equipment more than it is viable transportation. It won’t necessarily replace a car on the road, but there are bikes that can, some are not super fast and some are. These are essentially throttle bikes. Many have a pedal assist option as well, something to note here. Let us see one in action. A slower throttle bike.

The next bike is still a slower throttle ebike with pedal assist.

Now let us see something far more serious that is legal where it is being used as serious transportation. These bikes can travel with cars.

Notice that in other countries this is legal, in California which proclaims itself the greenest state in green America, you are a criminal for riding this. Just a point to note but it is gonna get much worse now, I’ll explain.

So Currie Technologies a niche ebike manufacturer with slumping sales had decided that since Sacramento is so corrupted, let us get a bill to an assemblyman who will pass it on our behalf. What will our bill AB1096 do?

Well for starters it will ban off-road hi-speed electric bicycles thus killing our competition for fast built American ebikes like Hipower Cycles for example. Here, take a look at just one innovative product HiPower Cycles has made for mainly off road usage.

That’s right off-road ebikes killed by its competitor thru a corrupted California State Assemblyman ‘David Chiu’ (God Bless Me) and it gets worse. Boy oh boy, if I ever needed a Kleenex to wipe the political snot, it sure was now. So here is what the bill does. It clutters up the ebike code creaters tiers of ebike types, allows Curries products exclusive usage of all bicycle paths like pedal bikes, bans all other typs from bike paths and for faster electric bicycles states they must use a small motor and ride in traffic on the street pavement with cars at no more than 20MPH. 20 miles per hour in front of car drivers on the street since they will be banned even from bike lanes, are you frigging kidding me?

This bill will create road rage with motorists and get ebikers killed. It doesn’t stop there folks, oh no.

The bill also criminalizes all current legal ebikes that have a 1kw motor and can be forced to a 20mph speed limit, yes you heard me right. Through a brand new manufacturers only sticker program if an ebike does not have that sticker it is ILLEGAL!!! So if you bought a kit and built your own or upgraded an older ebike to a 1kw setup it is effectively OUTLAWED and you are a CRIMINAL for riding a ZERO polluting electric bicycle. This is what Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) and to a lesser extent another assemblyman Republican Matthew Harper are behind and pushing and why? Because the zero polluting ebike industry which is struggling already and still in its infancy must have a company like Currie come in and buy legislation to protect their business interests short term against the environment, transportation and a free open competitive market place and this is what AB1096 does.

So okay, Currie is committing suicide on itself long term with this shopped around bill to soon become law. Actually Currie is also killing the entire ebike industry at least in the case of the greenest state of them all, ‘California.’ How? Great question.

Let us look at the bigger picture here. Why does anyone need to buy an electric bicycle versus other types of transportation? Electric bikes are expensive. On average expect to spend thousands for one pedal assist or throttle. They require average charge times of about 3 to 6 hours. They have on average a 10 to 20 mile range, they can go no faster than 20mph on the street with me so far? Now let us look at Gasoline powered bikes.

A gasoline powered bicycle can have up to a 48cc motor, is rewarded with up to 30MPH road speeds, takes less than 3 minutes to tank up half a gallon of gasoline at any service station, has a range of 125miles per half tank of gasoline. Cost, a Beach Cruiser $100.00 and a full engine kit about $260.00 for a grand total of $360.00 And it gets even worse for EBike owners or potential owners.

Carbon pedal bikes. Lightweight, they can get a cyclist pedaling with a Carbon full frame and about 30gear speeds up to nearly 50MPH and have an endless range as well, as long as you can pedal them. Cost between $350.00 for cheaper ones to $11,00.00 dollars and up.

Electric Motorcycles. Range 125 miles per charge, charging time about 2 hours, cost about $8,000 on up.

Traditional Motorcycle about $5000.00 for a basic cruiser model, Harley’s are more 😉

Small car, prices vary. You can find a small old clunker for as little as $500.00

So the basic question is why would many folks want to spend a grand or more for an electric bicycle and thus lies the bigger scheme of things. Instead of killing an industry on near life support for the benefit of a few niche market companies, what is seriously needed here is what I proposed to the State and also the City of Los Angeles. Open all bike paths and bike lanes regardless of ebike motor size or top speed. Regulate the riding places with a speed limit sign for all cyclists. Much like a Corvette is allowed to ride in a 35mph zone same deal for bikes. Allow ebikes for off road and trail usage, better than polluting gas powered bikes.

Unfortunately AB1096 if it has not, will pass and you can blame corruption for killing more of the environment creating more road congestion, causing more costs per road repair and especially blame Currie and David Chiu (God Bless Me) for any street deaths of electric bike cyclists who were forced onto the street to fall victim of car driver’s with road rage when they obeyed this corrupted and very dangerous and destructive self serving law paid for by a small niche manufacturer of ebike pedal assist bicycles.

There is no grandfather law in this to protect those who legally invested in and complied with the state laws before this bill passed which it has as of April 29th where it goes to the senate. The state of California will also issue special stickers to specified manufacturers of slow ebikes in California. Any ebike not having a sticker will be come criminalized contraband subject to confiscation. The great conflict of interest in killing a statewide free market, future technologies and limiting customers to choices is because of the CEO of Currie Technologies buying the state of California to do what his company and that of other struggling pedal-assist only and slow ebikes are finding in the free market so they got this assemblyman to regulate the marketplace in my estimation for their corporate profits including against green actual real transportation. This is raw naked government corruption at its finest where everyone suffers for the benefit of a very few.

In my estimation, any electric bike cyclist who is injured should immediately sue Currie Technologies, their CEO, his cycling committee and demand that corrupted State Assemblymen like Matthew Harper and David Chiu (God Bless Me) are swept from power on corruption charges and face jail time for murder charges of those cyclists…It’s best for the green environment!

David Chiu (God Bless Me)


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