Why is the Government allowing Isis into the USA

Okay this is only a theory. But considering the borders have been kept wide open and the news media is covering up with ISIS on the border. Now some news sites are reporting there are terrorist groups in 49 states. Meanwhile the government is placing Military in civilian clothing in the general population and buying up billions of rounds of ammo. The feds have also tried to disarm the public at large. So what this tells me is that the feds are not here to protect us, but rather to get rid of us if we don’t comply. And why are terrorists coming into our country to KILL Americans? Great question.

The video below is from 6 months ago and Obama Admin told the FBI to stand down on investigating ISIS in Mexico.

and now why my theory? Watch these.

Here is where the theory comes in. Lets say the 2016 elections are going bad. If you are an Islamunist controlling the TRAITOROUS American news media, simple. You foster an invasion to declare a domestic emergency and Marshal Law! This way, any 2016 elections do not occur and the current installed Islamunist assumes endless time in DC. In addition you could actually with loyal feds align with terrorist groups to fight off and or disarm the public while you establish a National Police Army much like a Gestapo.

You say it cannot happen. Go back to pre WWII Nazi Germany. It has happened in the past where a contented people lost their society to evil.

And in my estimation this is why ISIS is here, why the Obama Admin has done little to stop them, why the Clinton’s have sold our Uranium to Russia, why Obama introduced this Republic and its citizens to African Ebola on our lands, why our energy is being choked off, why the FCC has a kill switch for the entire internet and can now regulate free speech and why our borders are wide open.

I have decided not to post any beheading videos here for you to see what ISIS has planned for American citizens and even you. But you can always ask the US Congress, Senate and the President why they are keeping the borders open knowing American citizens will be slaughtered.


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