The Nascar BF Curse.

Okay, so Nascar has a superman and his name is Jimmie Johnson. Ol’ #48 the Kobalt Lowes car usually in silver and blue among other colors has a megastar behind the wheel. So as of late, the great driver Jimmie Johnson has been plagued by the BF Curse and what is that you ask?

It’s when a fat dickhead…

…gets in charge of an entire sport coast-to-coast in the United States of America, doesn’t know what the crap he is doing and there becomes a curse upon one of the greatest athletes in the sport. So what happens you ask? Great question.

Tire changer guy who goes to college to learn how to change tires on a modified stock car in Nascar instead of bolting on 5 lug nuts to the wheel bolts on 4. BF Curse. Especially when the driver is in first place.

Rain causes the race to be delayed and what did the BF curse by fatso do? They froze the race on national TV, did the general public that has no cable or dish network get to see it? Nope, instead the loyal national fans got BF’d again, bent over and told it was to restart on FS1 that is FOX cable franchise a pay franchise. The BF curse struck again.

Greg Biffle causes a 14 car wreck, blamed it on someone else but he caused the wreck and on purpose. Nothing happened to buckteeth.

Jeff Gordon’s one guy was on a pit wall and what happened to Jeff Gordon? The BF curse strikes again, Jeff put at the end of the pack.

You see folks, it is stupid rules and horrible treatment of a nation sports fan base that shows why in many races half the stands or more are typically empty, because people are tired of the big bent over BF they keep getting from BF himself. You can only get sports reamed so many times when you throw your arms up and lose interest in the race. I mean when the races first start, they usually have near Superbowl hype. Performers, fly-bys of military craft, a reverend or two, all kinds of “Hollywood Hotel” hype, pre shows. Suddenly when we get to the sport and some rain occurs? You lose the entire race and that is no B.S.


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