Let’s Make A Deal with the Devil.

Okay, so the dumb asses with bulging eyes and snickers, you know the types. Liberal commie scumbags like a neighbor of mine who think they are making a financial killing, while they don’t realize what they have fostered, the schmuck! Yes, I faced a fellow Jewish guy, that is all smiles, waives and seems a nice guy. Mention you are a conservative and the insanity expression sets in. Bulging eyes and a SNEER of arrogance, this person would vote for Obama and Hillary and why? Because they make money with Democrats and lose money with Republicans, greedy F’ing bastard and you wonder why people hate Jews one of which I am too. Yes, this really happened and my friend’s brother commented after their family member, they said did you see the look on their face. Oh yes I did, and I kept calm. They commented that their family member looked insane and actually they did. Gawd I ate this up folks, a chance to stand there in the presence of a F’ing idiot who voted for their own demise.

So they asked me what I thought of the current installed DICKtator (cross between a penis and potato) Obama reminds me of Monty Hall. Take what he has asked the FBI to do which is to stop monitoring the ISIS terrorists just West of Chihuahua Mexico across the Texas border. Let us see, when it comes to the DICKtator.

We have three doors, what’s behind door number one, two or three? Door number one is a complete idiot. Is Obama stupid? Door number two is a TRAITOR working for the other side, or Door number three, someone addicted to George Soros Premium Pot. Now let me see, which door am I gonna pick? Hmmm, errr, uhh, I’ll go with door number two, I just know it has to be a winner instead of a potheaded zonk! “Door number two please.”

Yup, this installed DICKtator knows what he is doing and guess what, he is a winner for the other side which means you got zonked! All of you losers that voted for HUSSEIN for a second round destroying your great and once the best in the world country. Now what has the ZONK done this last week? Read the article here, he is making the FBI ignore ISIS at your border. And why is this DICKtator doing this? Because he is trying to stiff you! And what does the DICKtator want to accomplish.

Glad you asked. 1.) to uses terrorists to establish a national Gestapo. Have you wondered over the past months why this administration has been demoralizing your civil police forces around the country? But that is step 1, let’s shoot for step 2, “Marshall Law” this allows him to remain in power. The gestapo disarms you and then the DICKtator finishes off the American people. Far fetched, just look at the face of an insane money grubbing neighbor.


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