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Why is the Government allowing Isis into the USA

Okay this is only a theory. But considering the borders have been kept wide open and the news media is covering up with ISIS on the border. Now some news sites are reporting there are terrorist groups in 49 states. Meanwhile the government is placing Military in civilian clothing in the general population and buying up billions of rounds of ammo. The feds have also tried to disarm the public at large. So what this tells me is that the feds are not here to protect us, but rather to get rid of us if we don’t comply. And why are terrorists coming into our country to KILL Americans? Great question.

The video below is from 6 months ago and Obama Admin told the FBI to stand down on investigating ISIS in Mexico.

and now why my theory? Watch these.

Here is where the theory comes in. Lets say the 2016 elections are going bad. If you are an Islamunist controlling the TRAITOROUS American news media, simple. You foster an invasion to declare a domestic emergency and Marshal Law! This way, any 2016 elections do not occur and the current installed Islamunist assumes endless time in DC. In addition you could actually with loyal feds align with terrorist groups to fight off and or disarm the public while you establish a National Police Army much like a Gestapo.

You say it cannot happen. Go back to pre WWII Nazi Germany. It has happened in the past where a contented people lost their society to evil.

And in my estimation this is why ISIS is here, why the Obama Admin has done little to stop them, why the Clinton’s have sold our Uranium to Russia, why Obama introduced this Republic and its citizens to African Ebola on our lands, why our energy is being choked off, why the FCC has a kill switch for the entire internet and can now regulate free speech and why our borders are wide open.

I have decided not to post any beheading videos here for you to see what ISIS has planned for American citizens and even you. But you can always ask the US Congress, Senate and the President why they are keeping the borders open knowing American citizens will be slaughtered.


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McDonald’s Is Your Kind Of Place…

or how about the adults singing…

and what are teens singing about?

and what was this great fast food burger chain once like, what was it like in say, 1967 when I visited the Reseda McDonald’s in that year after just getting my toy “Hot Wheels” Barracuda as a kid? And what did McDonald’s become?

Here is what America really made back then, but first my toy Hot Wheels from that faithful summer 1967 eve.

1967 Mattel Hot Wheels Barracuda

and now here is what McDonald’s used to be, before the big clown and Happy Meals and all the other crap that has destroyed them.

Okay back to basics. Make fries like Burger King. I think they have the best fries.

Chocolate Shakes, Vanilla and Strawberry, that’s it. Coca Cola Classic or Pepsi. Fanta Orange and Dr. Pepper and or water free with ice.

Now let us talk sandwiches. Burger patties that are not thin like paper, but rather, plump. Yeah, that’s right, bigger burger patties. Use Sandwich sized buns too.

Offer a basic Chicken Club Sandwich and finally a Filet o’ Fish Sandwich with a larger filet.

One last irk while I’m at it on the burgers. Make Pickles optional. Most people hate pickles on their burgers, so make it a request option. Also stop mixing both mustard and ketchup, offer one or the other and last but not least.

Offer the complete meal bagged in under 60 seconds like you did in 1967 at the cheapest prices. So again, let’s go over it.

A Big Mac is a real “BIG” Mac not 2 paper thin patties on a standard hamburger bun.

Forget the Quarter Pounder, offer a one pounder like this burger for about 3 bucks.

a 1 pound burger at $3.00

Fries that look like these.

Not Oily, they stand straight, they are not wimpy, they taste great too.

Basic drinks served over counter. I see too many little MF’s at the drink bar refilling and their straws touch the dispenser. The public in general can be filthy bastards so clean it up. Want a refill have an employee get it. I don’t want to touch something a filthy bum who dug through a dumpster is filling his trash can cup with. Got it!!!

Finally, get rid of the playgrounds, get rid of the Happy Meals and send the redhead guy packing bigtime.

Keeps the menu simple so here goes.


Hamburger 1/4 lb. $1.00

Cheeseburger 1/4 lb. $1.50

Big Mac 2 # 1/4 pound patties. $2.85

Pounder Burger 1 lb beef patty $3.00

All burgers served on sandwich sized buns. Not the smaller burger buns. Make pickles optional, offer one sauce, let customers request additional sauces for longer wait times.

Have the basic burgers, fries and a single sized drink ready to go. Ring them up, take their money or credit card swipe and bag their food, done! Less than 60 seconds in the restaurant.

Never argue with a customer, if their is an issue with their food, be polite and replace it asap. Or give them a refund.

Drinks, all one medium cup size. Here is what to offer.

Water with ice free small cup. All the remaining drinks in medium cups with free refills offered.


Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry $1.00


Coca Cola Classic .75

Pepsi .75

Fanta (Orange) .75

Mountain Dew .75

Dr. Pepper .75

Forget dessert, forget Happy Meals, expand the eating area and remove the playgrounds. Add more tables, get people in there to eat and accommodate them for EATING, not having some little brat screaming while swinging on the Monkey bars. Make it a restaurant, offer a high chair for toddlers to accommodate new parents.

That is it, offer the very basics, a small menu good food proportions, low prices, fast service, an eating area, kept constantly clean so people can purchase food and EAT! Do the very basics, and forget the clown and the toys and you will do well. Because you are being beaten by competition who has been getting back to the roots of just serving food again.

and today’s small mac.

and an inventive idea…



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The Nascar BF Curse.

Okay, so Nascar has a superman and his name is Jimmie Johnson. Ol’ #48 the Kobalt Lowes car usually in silver and blue among other colors has a megastar behind the wheel. So as of late, the great driver Jimmie Johnson has been plagued by the BF Curse and what is that you ask?

It’s when a fat dickhead…

…gets in charge of an entire sport coast-to-coast in the United States of America, doesn’t know what the crap he is doing and there becomes a curse upon one of the greatest athletes in the sport. So what happens you ask? Great question.

Tire changer guy who goes to college to learn how to change tires on a modified stock car in Nascar instead of bolting on 5 lug nuts to the wheel bolts on 4. BF Curse. Especially when the driver is in first place.

Rain causes the race to be delayed and what did the BF curse by fatso do? They froze the race on national TV, did the general public that has no cable or dish network get to see it? Nope, instead the loyal national fans got BF’d again, bent over and told it was to restart on FS1 that is FOX cable franchise a pay franchise. The BF curse struck again.

Greg Biffle causes a 14 car wreck, blamed it on someone else but he caused the wreck and on purpose. Nothing happened to buckteeth.

Jeff Gordon’s one guy was on a pit wall and what happened to Jeff Gordon? The BF curse strikes again, Jeff put at the end of the pack.

You see folks, it is stupid rules and horrible treatment of a nation sports fan base that shows why in many races half the stands or more are typically empty, because people are tired of the big bent over BF they keep getting from BF himself. You can only get sports reamed so many times when you throw your arms up and lose interest in the race. I mean when the races first start, they usually have near Superbowl hype. Performers, fly-bys of military craft, a reverend or two, all kinds of “Hollywood Hotel” hype, pre shows. Suddenly when we get to the sport and some rain occurs? You lose the entire race and that is no B.S.

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Let’s Make A Deal with the Devil.

Okay, so the dumb asses with bulging eyes and snickers, you know the types. Liberal commie scumbags like a neighbor of mine who think they are making a financial killing, while they don’t realize what they have fostered, the schmuck! Yes, I faced a fellow Jewish guy, that is all smiles, waives and seems a nice guy. Mention you are a conservative and the insanity expression sets in. Bulging eyes and a SNEER of arrogance, this person would vote for Obama and Hillary and why? Because they make money with Democrats and lose money with Republicans, greedy F’ing bastard and you wonder why people hate Jews one of which I am too. Yes, this really happened and my friend’s brother commented after their family member, they said did you see the look on their face. Oh yes I did, and I kept calm. They commented that their family member looked insane and actually they did. Gawd I ate this up folks, a chance to stand there in the presence of a F’ing idiot who voted for their own demise.

So they asked me what I thought of the current installed DICKtator (cross between a penis and potato) Obama reminds me of Monty Hall. Take what he has asked the FBI to do which is to stop monitoring the ISIS terrorists just West of Chihuahua Mexico across the Texas border. Let us see, when it comes to the DICKtator.

We have three doors, what’s behind door number one, two or three? Door number one is a complete idiot. Is Obama stupid? Door number two is a TRAITOR working for the other side, or Door number three, someone addicted to George Soros Premium Pot. Now let me see, which door am I gonna pick? Hmmm, errr, uhh, I’ll go with door number two, I just know it has to be a winner instead of a potheaded zonk! “Door number two please.”

Yup, this installed DICKtator knows what he is doing and guess what, he is a winner for the other side which means you got zonked! All of you losers that voted for HUSSEIN for a second round destroying your great and once the best in the world country. Now what has the ZONK done this last week? Read the article here, he is making the FBI ignore ISIS at your border. And why is this DICKtator doing this? Because he is trying to stiff you! And what does the DICKtator want to accomplish.

Glad you asked. 1.) to uses terrorists to establish a national Gestapo. Have you wondered over the past months why this administration has been demoralizing your civil police forces around the country? But that is step 1, let’s shoot for step 2, “Marshall Law” this allows him to remain in power. The gestapo disarms you and then the DICKtator finishes off the American people. Far fetched, just look at the face of an insane money grubbing neighbor.

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