Death To America…that’s you!

Obama just backstabbed Israel, gave nuclear secrets away to Iran and has funded or been funding (speculation) ISIS, or making sure they got weapons (check out Benghazi articles – it’s all there). Landing our drone technology for whoever needs it.

Meanwhile Sunday, this Sunday he’ll make sure Iran can make a nuclear bomb and what is the leader of Iran chanting these days with Iranians.


and then here is what Iran’s leader has to say about you, the American citizen.

and what is the Obama Administration have to say about your protection and the country?

And while I’m at it, here is McChipschmuck. When is this old piece of crap gerbil gonna croak and do us all a favor.

These people are going to get all of you dead. Do you understand they are trouncing Israel our longtime ally and promoting Islamo Nazis. They have turned blacks against whites and protect blacks who murder or attack whites.

WAKE UP FOLKS this is happening now and it is time to stand up and shout. Maybe if we had a million person march to the whitehouse chanting “IMPEACH OBAMA” someone might really get it going before we lose everything including our freedoms followed by our very existence. The whitehouse is filled with TRAITORS to this great nation.


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