George Soros Best Hits.

Ready for the list of people Georgie boy is somehow connected with distant and closely. Lets start with the World War II NAZI Party under Adolf Hitler. Way to go for a true JINO “Jew In Name Only (which gives good Jews like me a bad name. Bravo George, well done, turning in your fellow Jews in Hungary to Nazis, then profiting from them. Sort of what you have done to many millions in various countries while fattening your financial waste band. And you even discovered morons in America to help make you bloated. Then there is Barak Hussein Obama, note the middle name 😉

Since Obama is Soros puppet, who is connected down the line? Ready?

Here is a list of who Obama has associated himself with
1. Bill Ayers (Terrorist)
2. Tom Ayers (Radical Terrorist)
3. Van Jones (Communist)
4. Anita Dunn (Communist)
5. Tony Rezco (Convicted Felon)
6. Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Black Racist)
7. Prof. Frank Marshal Davis (Communist)
8. Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Convicted Felon)
9. Andy Stern, Union SEIU Head, (Communist)
10. Saul Alinsky (Commie)
11. Prof. Frances Fox Piven (Communist)
12. Kevin Jennings – “safe school czar” (radical homosexual who supports NAMBLA)
13. Derrick Bell (communist professor)
14. Louis Farrakhan (Hates the USA & Israel)
15. Valerie Jarrett (Born & raised Marxist)
16. Al Sharpton (professional race baiter & fake Reverend)
17. Grandparents (Career Communists)
18. Onyango “Uncle Omar” Obama – (Obama’s Uncle – convicted felon & illegal immigrant)
19. Muslim Brotherhood (Terrorist Organization)
20. Ray Nagin (Prison Inmate,  former Mayor of New Orleans)
21. Eric Holder (Racist)


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