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Death To America…that’s you!

Obama just backstabbed Israel, gave nuclear secrets away to Iran and has funded or been funding (speculation) ISIS, or making sure they got weapons (check out Benghazi articles – it’s all there). Landing our drone technology for whoever needs it.

Meanwhile Sunday, this Sunday he’ll make sure Iran can make a nuclear bomb and what is the leader of Iran chanting these days with Iranians.


and then here is what Iran’s leader has to say about you, the American citizen.

and what is the Obama Administration have to say about your protection and the country?

And while I’m at it, here is McChipschmuck. When is this old piece of crap gerbil gonna croak and do us all a favor.

These people are going to get all of you dead. Do you understand they are trouncing Israel our longtime ally and promoting Islamo Nazis. They have turned blacks against whites and protect blacks who murder or attack whites.

WAKE UP FOLKS this is happening now and it is time to stand up and shout. Maybe if we had a million person march to the whitehouse chanting “IMPEACH OBAMA” someone might really get it going before we lose everything including our freedoms followed by our very existence. The whitehouse is filled with TRAITORS to this great nation.


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Chick Filet, Saves The Day!!!

Chick Filet

Chick Filet

Spotted bad guys after they beat a store clerk in the head and almost left for dead. Chick Filet and her merry little gang thought hmmm, we see crime all the time. Oh wait, those people must have done something. Anyhow, Chick Filet managed to get the robbers who assaulted the store clerk arrested by cops before most of you woke up.

Let’s hear it for Chick Filet, probably the reporter who covers most fileted people than anyone else, hence the name 😉

Way to go Chick Filet!!!

Read more about the adventures of Chick Filet here

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George Soros Best Hits.

Ready for the list of people Georgie boy is somehow connected with distant and closely. Lets start with the World War II NAZI Party under Adolf Hitler. Way to go for a true JINO “Jew In Name Only (which gives good Jews like me a bad name. Bravo George, well done, turning in your fellow Jews in Hungary to Nazis, then profiting from them. Sort of what you have done to many millions in various countries while fattening your financial waste band. And you even discovered morons in America to help make you bloated. Then there is Barak Hussein Obama, note the middle name 😉

Since Obama is Soros puppet, who is connected down the line? Ready?

Here is a list of who Obama has associated himself with
1. Bill Ayers (Terrorist)
2. Tom Ayers (Radical Terrorist)
3. Van Jones (Communist)
4. Anita Dunn (Communist)
5. Tony Rezco (Convicted Felon)
6. Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Black Racist)
7. Prof. Frank Marshal Davis (Communist)
8. Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Convicted Felon)
9. Andy Stern, Union SEIU Head, (Communist)
10. Saul Alinsky (Commie)
11. Prof. Frances Fox Piven (Communist)
12. Kevin Jennings – “safe school czar” (radical homosexual who supports NAMBLA)
13. Derrick Bell (communist professor)
14. Louis Farrakhan (Hates the USA & Israel)
15. Valerie Jarrett (Born & raised Marxist)
16. Al Sharpton (professional race baiter & fake Reverend)
17. Grandparents (Career Communists)
18. Onyango “Uncle Omar” Obama – (Obama’s Uncle – convicted felon & illegal immigrant)
19. Muslim Brotherhood (Terrorist Organization)
20. Ray Nagin (Prison Inmate,  former Mayor of New Orleans)
21. Eric Holder (Racist)

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So what does the Democratic Party represent?

If you are a guy who sticks it to another guy either in the mouth or anus, the represent you 😉

If you are a woman who hates men and straps on a plastic tallywhacker and stiffs another woman, they represent you.

If you are an Islamic Terrorist and you want to burn people or cut their heads off, they represent you.

If you are a green energy company whose intent it is to sock the tax payers monies away while committing theft and larceny, they represent you.

If you are ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS (in particular) “Foreign Invaders, they represent you, to help throw elections while the balogie stogie smokers help throw erections on traditional marriage between a man and woman.

Forget being a traditional peace loving Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu amongst other religions, the Democrats want head choppers as the official religion. The faster this traitorous piece of crap

Can get elected with the vote of foreign invaders from Jalisco, the better as far as the traitors are concerned.

The democrats favor you getting to work on this…

rather than the traditional American way.

Here is the true America that you have enjoyed.

and this is what they want for you.

“OBAMA and the COMMIE’s AmeriKa!

The Democrats play Blacks for chumps, use Jews, then hate them, use guys who butt hump other guys to destroy families. Ban your plastic shopping bags for carrying groceries, ban your light bulbs, increasingly ban your cars, proclaim they can endlessly raise your taxes, enslave you into communism via the direct destruction of your entire medical system, banning your freedom of speech, supporting anti-American dictators around the world, seizing your property and allowing terrorists into your country to eventually chop your head off if the Ebola virus doesn’t kill you first.

Do you still vote for this? If you do, then be forewarned, you deserve what will befall you personally at the hands of tyranny.

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