The Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards 2015

So how did the commies open their ceremonies for the “Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards” for 2015? With a racist insult against white people. And it wasn’t the only one. Then they showed us Type 5 Racist Oprah Winfrey, you know who I am talking about right. The FAT Black woman who said publicly that all older white people should die, die! Her words, not mine.

Then there were the lewd acts like Hollysluts and a bare chested host. I am quite sure that those guys who smoke the balogie stogies were happy. After all, where would Hollywood be without stogie smokers on the balogies, huh?

Made fun of Clint Eastwood, there ya go commies, feels good in front of a hundred million real Americans many of who choose not to watch your self aggrandizement.

Then to make it really something, they drag out Black Communist hate-America Harry “Day-O” Belafonte. I was just amazed they didn’t bring on Jane Fonda and you wonder why Americans loath Hollywood and are honestly not buying their products. You wonder when you gaze, jaw dropped at the Hollysluts dressed like that, and the gays pushing an on screen agenda of brainwashing, why Islam is on the move and where would we be without the only officially accepted religion of the Blackhouse in Washington DC?

If anything, what Hollywood did tonight was not entertain many, rather it showed us and reminds us of why many absolutely LOATH and hate this very industry. It showed us communism, anti-family filth, the embracing of head choppers and everything that is going wrong in the destruction before our very eyes of the United States of America and the vicious evil communists doing everything in their power to destroy this place as fast as possible.

And that my friends is what this ceremony reminds people of. It is not for entertainment. Rather, it stands for population control and everything that is against America and the sooner a major rain storm washes the Tinselturds and the Hollysluts off the red carpet and out to sea where they can drowned and be gone, the better. It can’t happen soon enough and America will recover.


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