Susan! Hear’s A Tuna

And what is the Tuna which is a fish food, saying to Susan? Let’s see.


Yes, that’s right. Truth in journalism and candor and honesty too. Not this place is great, not that place is great, how about a real rating system. Like for example…a 10 star rating viewers will identify with.

1.)Taste of Food?

Tasted great 1 star, tasted like crap no star

2.)Quality of Food?

Did they use quality ingredients or was it a quick microwave jobber? Original = 1 star, microwave =0 star

3.)How was the Food Cooked?

Did they cook the food on a grill, in a kitchen fresh. 1 star, frozen 0 star

4.)Was the Food served Hot?

Ever get cold food? 0 star, hot food 1 star

5.)How was the waiter/waitress?

Did they treat you like a piece of you know what? zero tip zero star

6.)Cleanliness of silverware?

Ever get something dried on shiny just-cleaned silverware or was it shiny and clean. Clean 1 star, crud no star.

7.)Cleanliness of restaurant?

Would you eat here? Does it look clean inside and out? Roaches crawling across the floor, how about a Kitchen Nightmare peek behind the scenes when the chef ain’t looking. Clean joint 1 star, looks filthy see star number 10!

8.)Appearance of inside/outside?

Does this place have a nice theme. Who would want to eat a family dinner at a strip joint tucked away in a dirty little area of town. Russian theme and food, Indian, Mexican, Asian etc. Does it match what it is in theme? 1 star, not what you expected, didn’t build excitement in appearance no star.

Cost of Food Cheap/expensive?

So is it upscale a steak dinner and 30 bucks, maybe a an overpriced steak joint like Ruth’s at 80 dollars a plate. Was the food affordable for the average viewers?

10.)Cramp test.

Did you get cramps and splot in the toilet a half hour later? No gets a big star, yes gets a no star, continuous because you listened to a big tuna on TV and had to make a hospital trip because they used contaminated food and it’s a TUNA!!!



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