To show you how spot on I am.

The broccoliheads at KTTV figured out a day before I caught it on the news what to do. Am I spot on or what. I mentioned doing a restaurant review of eating places for viewers every night, much like Elmer Dills once did on ABC news and …. it is a new calling for Susan Here’s A Tuna.

Susan_Heres_A_TunaPerfect for a woman with a big fish in hand aka. sea food 😉

So you ask, really. How did you know this? Did you see it first? After all, it was on a day or two before and we know you watch KTTV. Actually, I had missed it, but my keen sense of what works was so spot on, my blogging vision kicked in. Okay, so where is this big article you mentioned this in located?

So now that someone did something right at KTTV, how to improve it? Great question, with a star ratings system. 1 to 5 stars 5 being the best. This shouldn’t just be free advertising for a place, it should have it rated too based on a number of factors from the reporter visiting and their experiences. The more honest, the better!


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