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The Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards 2015

So how did the commies open their ceremonies for the “Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards” for 2015? With a racist insult against white people. And it wasn’t the only one. Then they showed us Type 5 Racist Oprah Winfrey, you know who I am talking about right. The FAT Black woman who said publicly that all older white people should die, die! Her words, not mine.

Then there were the lewd acts like Hollysluts and a bare chested host. I am quite sure that those guys who smoke the balogie stogies were happy. After all, where would Hollywood be without stogie smokers on the balogies, huh?

Made fun of Clint Eastwood, there ya go commies, feels good in front of a hundred million real Americans many of who choose not to watch your self aggrandizement.

Then to make it really something, they drag out Black Communist hate-America Harry “Day-O” Belafonte. I was just amazed they didn’t bring on Jane Fonda and you wonder why Americans loath Hollywood and are honestly not buying their products. You wonder when you gaze, jaw dropped at the Hollysluts dressed like that, and the gays pushing an on screen agenda of brainwashing, why Islam is on the move and where would we be without the only officially accepted religion of the Blackhouse in Washington DC?

If anything, what Hollywood did tonight was not entertain many, rather it showed us and reminds us of why many absolutely LOATH and hate this very industry. It showed us communism, anti-family filth, the embracing of head choppers and everything that is going wrong in the destruction before our very eyes of the United States of America and the vicious evil communists doing everything in their power to destroy this place as fast as possible.

And that my friends is what this ceremony reminds people of. It is not for entertainment. Rather, it stands for population control and everything that is against America and the sooner a major rain storm washes the Tinselturds and the Hollysluts off the red carpet and out to sea where they can drowned and be gone, the better. It can’t happen soon enough and America will recover.


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The Nazi’s of 2015

Someone asked me how our 2015 leaders might compare to other leaders of the past. An expert a few years back when asked what kind of government the Obama Administration was, replied to congress, it was much like the Nazis of WWII. And Obama acted more like a giant cult leader which is what Adolf Hitler acted like. But since George Soros seems connected to most of these and really was involved in helping the Nazis, I would have to call this JINO “Jew In Name Only” the real leader of today’s modern Nazis.

Before you read on, I am Jewish, let us get that clear. I love the original and older America of freedom. Now let us look at the installed 2015 Nazi regime that is destroying America as we have known and loved her, and the entire globe with fascism.

Let’s start at the the very top with Adolf Hitler!

He loves Nazis! Ask him about his fellow Hungarian Jews.

Here is what Adolf has to say about Nazi’s during WWII.

Joesph Goebbels

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.”


IIse Koch

Turning Free American into a giant Nazi Concentration Camp.


Hans Friedrich Blunck

Propaganda Minister.

Viktor Brack

Wants extermination of other race. Would gas chamber old white people if it could.

Josef Kramer

In charge of Nazi prisons, terrorizes American citizens with threats of torture, interrogation, against freedom.

Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Would exterminate everyone not black and communist in AmeriKa!

Albert Speer

Architect for the Nazi Party offices and residences.

Jurgen Strupp aka. (Jerkoff Schtupp)

SS-Gruppenfuhrer & Waffen SS-Polizei. Suppression of the American people and their constitution.

Sigmund Rascher

Lead SS Doctor who carries out medical experiments on Americans.

Franz Hayler

Nazi State Secretary

Herbert Otto Gille

SS-Obergruppenfuhrer – Most highly decorated member of the Waffen SS.

Heinrich Himmler

Most powerful man in the Reich. Head of police and safety for Americans.

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Someone asked me if I could be anywhere, where would it be?

That is really a good question, because my life spans two centuries and I have had a taste of both. Psychologically, I realize when we were kids, we wanted to be grown ups and yet as grown ups we want to be kids again. I realize there are pros and cons with both, but the other day, I was talking with close friends and family and so I decided to answer their question. The years I was at my best is both now and also as a kid. If I could live anywhere and their question also included time, it would have to be in 1966. Let me give you a flavor of that world away in another century when America was a real America, when jobs were so plentiful, employers fought to attract you and if you had a college degree…well then!

The real America that stood for freedom. Not this COMMUNIST piece of crap takeover with the morons in colleges being brainwashed and all of it paid by more liberal morons sending their kids not to college, but rather to communism 101.

and was music about raping women and killing cops? NO! It sounded much like this in 1966.

and what did the world look like as I remembered it growing up?

and what did kids look like in 1966 as I remember?

Yeah, the cars were it and the king of the road was Cadillac when the quality was made by American hands and the very envy of every car manufacturer on the globe bar none.

Yeah, 1966 was tops man, the very best back then. I sometimes look back and wonder if the USA was at the very peak of society back then? We didn’t have communist and greedy traitors in government selling us out. Politicians back then for the most part while screwing around sometimes cared about keeping it safe, at least many did.

Life was for the most part carefree and you felt secure, so much so, that in Los Angeles as general, you didn’t require a big fence around your home as you do today.

Americans around the globe walked with respect and dignity. There was no Islam here and black on white crime was minimal. Christmas, Easter, The 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years and Valentine’s Day were our holidays. There was pride here and America was a Christian Nation founded on Jude o-Christian principals. Every government building had God’s word and law carried the Ten Commandments. In School, kids said the pledge of allegiance to God and country.

Colleges taught real educations, not how to give someone a sexual blow-job for a degree. It was real. You were trained in reading, writing, math and other business interests or sciences and arts. Not how to fling a hand full of feces at someone across the class. They taught real American history, not how bad America has been or communist hate-America garbage.

TV shows were about the American family and life. Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family reflected real life, I know, because I lived through it folks.

And so if you ask me, I’ll take 1966 thank you, and you can have what is a dying, being-destroyed by greedy bastards, country.


and here…

and this one…


and what did we watch?

You should never do this, no matter what century.


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Susan! Hear’s A Tuna

And what is the Tuna which is a fish food, saying to Susan? Let’s see.


Yes, that’s right. Truth in journalism and candor and honesty too. Not this place is great, not that place is great, how about a real rating system. Like for example…a 10 star rating viewers will identify with.

1.)Taste of Food?

Tasted great 1 star, tasted like crap no star

2.)Quality of Food?

Did they use quality ingredients or was it a quick microwave jobber? Original = 1 star, microwave =0 star

3.)How was the Food Cooked?

Did they cook the food on a grill, in a kitchen fresh. 1 star, frozen 0 star

4.)Was the Food served Hot?

Ever get cold food? 0 star, hot food 1 star

5.)How was the waiter/waitress?

Did they treat you like a piece of you know what? zero tip zero star

6.)Cleanliness of silverware?

Ever get something dried on shiny just-cleaned silverware or was it shiny and clean. Clean 1 star, crud no star.

7.)Cleanliness of restaurant?

Would you eat here? Does it look clean inside and out? Roaches crawling across the floor, how about a Kitchen Nightmare peek behind the scenes when the chef ain’t looking. Clean joint 1 star, looks filthy see star number 10!

8.)Appearance of inside/outside?

Does this place have a nice theme. Who would want to eat a family dinner at a strip joint tucked away in a dirty little area of town. Russian theme and food, Indian, Mexican, Asian etc. Does it match what it is in theme? 1 star, not what you expected, didn’t build excitement in appearance no star.

Cost of Food Cheap/expensive?

So is it upscale a steak dinner and 30 bucks, maybe a an overpriced steak joint like Ruth’s at 80 dollars a plate. Was the food affordable for the average viewers?

10.)Cramp test.

Did you get cramps and splot in the toilet a half hour later? No gets a big star, yes gets a no star, continuous because you listened to a big tuna on TV and had to make a hospital trip because they used contaminated food and it’s a TUNA!!!


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Just loving another American Hero Darrell Waltrip

I just love this guy, what a great, great, great American and he announces Nascar too, just the very tops in my book. So Darrell elevated himself  like no other by calling it as it is, while the Piece Of Chit in the Blackhouse was trashing Christianity and Americans again while speaking up for the modern day Nazi’s. Boy oh boy, what a contrast huh! Let’s listen to the Piece Of Chit first, trashing a major religion he claims to be of.

and now let us hear from a REAL American with a REAL American Birth Certificate who loves Americans and America.

Breath of fresh air huh. A fake AmeriKan versus a Real American on America.

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To show you how spot on I am.

The broccoliheads at KTTV figured out a day before I caught it on the news what to do. Am I spot on or what. I mentioned doing a restaurant review of eating places for viewers every night, much like Elmer Dills once did on ABC news and …. it is a new calling for Susan Here’s A Tuna.

Susan_Heres_A_TunaPerfect for a woman with a big fish in hand aka. sea food 😉

So you ask, really. How did you know this? Did you see it first? After all, it was on a day or two before and we know you watch KTTV. Actually, I had missed it, but my keen sense of what works was so spot on, my blogging vision kicked in. Okay, so where is this big article you mentioned this in located?

So now that someone did something right at KTTV, how to improve it? Great question, with a star ratings system. 1 to 5 stars 5 being the best. This shouldn’t just be free advertising for a place, it should have it rated too based on a number of factors from the reporter visiting and their experiences. The more honest, the better!

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