So what is the future for major networks?

Heidi S. Cuda

How about the most talented resources like what KTTV FOX had, like a multi-talented before the camera, content news producer, writer like former KTTV Heidi S. Cuda, or a real Legal analyst like Misses Robin Sax a real law authority.

Robin Sax

This is what KTTV execs pissed away, talents that made a major difference. News stories, legal opinions and where is KTTV now? Nowhere. Because a guitar-strumming vegetable-brained mentality hippy like ‘Broccolihead’ did NOTHING to retain these special resources while KTLA and Los Angeles rivals laugh at Rupert Murdoch.


Seriously, and how does this benefit the millions of viewers who want legal analysis and the truth in articles? It doesn’t. Most of the time KTTV’s weather shows the surrounding area weather and entirely skips the San Fernando Valley, population 2 million plus. Please tell me that is not cloudy judgement on the weather producer’s part. I am not blaming Maria Q or Dickert, nope, I blame the producers and execs who let this happen. Why are sports dominating most of the news? Honestly, most people watch sports info the least. Of course that’s not to say that having ‘smoking hot Aries’ Liz Habib at sports doesn’t hurt, but honestly.

Liz Habib

How about news on the odd things in life like Bigfoot, UFO sightings stuff most dismiss, other hobby interests like how-to news segments. How to sail a boat or how to snow ski or how to fly an RC this or that? Vacation spots, the hottest restaurants. Where is KTTV’s very own Elmer Dills type to inform us of the very best and affordable places to eat? Now am I blaming the rest of the before-the-camera-news-celebrities? Nope, not at all, but I do hold the execs feet to the fire for giving the viewers cheap crap and a generic form of cheap crap at that. This is because the news could be much livelier and really entertain us, educate us, inform us where it currently does not. And that is my point folks. Where is the dancing weatherman Mark Thompson, why did the execs let a guy who loyally worked at their studios for almost a quarter century of his life go?

Mark Thompson – Chick Magnet!


And it is not just FOX KTTV. ABC, NBC and CBS all have their internal problems as well, though many of KTTV’s are self inflicted. I wanna see KTTV better, but it is hard to think it will happen with bad or poor management and that is just the bottom line. As for the future of the networks, they will disappear into the internet and then networks be damned. Cause the net has billions of channels for resources and it ain’t like the old days.


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