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Thursday’s Bug…aka. FLUTTER!

Thursday’s bug is Flutter because this is what he does. He’s actually a real worm at heart but who knew. Anyhow, Flutter has been in need of a new home. I was gonna ask Miss Christine Devine of FOX news but she has been tied up with Ernie and his friends lately (sic)

Ernie’s Portrait

so I decided to look around and I think I found Flutter a new home. Now, this place is what you would call a hot place, anyone who loves warm surroundings would love this place. The lighting is fantastic oh and let me show you a photo of Flutter before we found him a new home.

Flutter – Thursday’s Bug

So we helped Flutter to his new home, he said it looks like a real snap!



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So what is the future for major networks?

Heidi S. Cuda

How about the most talented resources like what KTTV FOX had, like a multi-talented before the camera, content news producer, writer like former KTTV Heidi S. Cuda, or a real Legal analyst like Misses Robin Sax a real law authority.

Robin Sax

This is what KTTV execs pissed away, talents that made a major difference. News stories, legal opinions and where is KTTV now? Nowhere. Because a guitar-strumming vegetable-brained mentality hippy like ‘Broccolihead’ did NOTHING to retain these special resources while KTLA and Los Angeles rivals laugh at Rupert Murdoch.


Seriously, and how does this benefit the millions of viewers who want legal analysis and the truth in articles? It doesn’t. Most of the time KTTV’s weather shows the surrounding area weather and entirely skips the San Fernando Valley, population 2 million plus. Please tell me that is not cloudy judgement on the weather producer’s part. I am not blaming Maria Q or Dickert, nope, I blame the producers and execs who let this happen. Why are sports dominating most of the news? Honestly, most people watch sports info the least. Of course that’s not to say that having ‘smoking hot Aries’ Liz Habib at sports doesn’t hurt, but honestly.

Liz Habib

How about news on the odd things in life like Bigfoot, UFO sightings stuff most dismiss, other hobby interests like how-to news segments. How to sail a boat or how to snow ski or how to fly an RC this or that? Vacation spots, the hottest restaurants. Where is KTTV’s very own Elmer Dills type to inform us of the very best and affordable places to eat? Now am I blaming the rest of the before-the-camera-news-celebrities? Nope, not at all, but I do hold the execs feet to the fire for giving the viewers cheap crap and a generic form of cheap crap at that. This is because the news could be much livelier and really entertain us, educate us, inform us where it currently does not. And that is my point folks. Where is the dancing weatherman Mark Thompson, why did the execs let a guy who loyally worked at their studios for almost a quarter century of his life go?

Mark Thompson – Chick Magnet!


And it is not just FOX KTTV. ABC, NBC and CBS all have their internal problems as well, though many of KTTV’s are self inflicted. I wanna see KTTV better, but it is hard to think it will happen with bad or poor management and that is just the bottom line. As for the future of the networks, they will disappear into the internet and then networks be damned. Cause the net has billions of channels for resources and it ain’t like the old days.

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Celebrity Of The Year Award!

This year’s celebrity of the year is none other than Miss Anne Bancroft.

Anne Bancroft

The reason I picked this wonderful lady for this year’s award is because she was clean, never had major scandals and also influenced us in many ways through her devoted talents and arts. I will not make this long, but each year I pick at the start of the year an actress or actor to honor for their work and who they were or are. To read more about Miss Bancroft here are some links.




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Crashskies For the new year 2015

If the USA has got one thing right, it is safer highways then most other countries. Here is what the Russians are doing for the new year…

and a day before… feel free to comment folks!

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The season of Spiders!

That’s right, we are gearing up to get an Eyerly Spider into RCT3 and there are questions about the history of the ride. Now what is an Eyerly Spider you ask? Well, why don’t I show you as I am most expert on this particular ride.

How this ride works is quite simple. Before I start thought, let me inform you it can rotate both directions.

The main chassis of the ride is called the Clutch and sits atop the base and motor. The main chassis usually rotates counter clockwise. There are arms and at the end of the arms are tubs on what we call a dual finger. The tubs have on more modern spiders a brake for passengers to cut the spinning of the tub they are in down. The arms are attached to connecting rods that anchor to a round plate called a “Collar” and this has bearings on the inside and rests on what is called the crank. As the ride rotates one way, the operator engages the secondary clutch which releases the crank which rotates in the opposite direction, this case ‘clockwise’… As the crank goes around, it pulls the collar and the connecting rod stays with the collar pulling the main arm up.

Now normally, the connecting rod would break from the weight of the main arm. But it gets help from hydraulic shocks on the ride and this reduces the stress on the connecting rod. This mechanical application also applies to the original Eyerly Octopus and also the Eyerly Monster ride. Wanna see those in action? Okay hang on… I’ll explain more as I go along here. Fun huh, making a short escape from the horrors of communized life here being able to enjoy a bit of good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity when these were Made in a real American.

The original Eyerly ‘Octopus’ ride.

and they released the Monster ride in 1963. Here is an Eyerly Monster ride below.

and if you would like to experience a ride on the Eyerly Monster, watch this one.

And so you have seen what are essentially the spider series of rides. By the way, Eyerly is now owned by ‘Oregon Rides’ and Bill and the gang over there. Now for the big mystery, are you ready?

Lets get the armature count down first. An Octopus ride ride has 8 arms, a Spider ride 6 arms and an Eyerly Monster has 6 main arms with a small cross section containing 4 tubs each. With me so far? Great and here is where historically it gets mucky!

The tubs on the Octopus were different then those used on the Monster and later Spider series of rides. Now take a look at this rare ride in the photo, count the arms, note the themed curved arms and more modern tubs and what is this?


The spider on the right.

Now if you look at that Spider ride, how many arms and tubs are there? 8 right? Octopus have 8 arms, spiders have 6. Before the release of the 1967 Eyerly Spider, the Eyerly Aircraft company made some hybrid Octopus rides. Those rides used Spider arms and tubs, thus making it not a traditional octopus, but also not the forthcoming spider. A hybrid and it is quite rare to even locate a photo of this, but there it is. I dickered a bit with Bill at Oregon rides so we could get this nailed.

And so, you have learned a lot about the disappearing spider rides and their season of fun.

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