Thank you Mr. Murdoch.

First and foremost, I think Ms. Gina Silva cranks big time at KTTV as a news anchor. I have had a chance to watch her performance and I am loving it. I hope you will make it permanent for this long time and faithful employee at KTTV. And no, I don’t know her personally and nobody put me up to it. I always speak my mind and what interests me and this person is an asset for KTTV.

Now, with all of the communist scumbags outside your offices Mr. Murdoch, I figured you’d like to hear this from a longtime fan. “Happy and Healthy New Year” to you and yours. You have built an empire, created many jobs, entertained us, informed us, and by golly, I am sick and tired of these protestors picking on you for all of God’s great hard work you have done. So again, I just wanted Mr. Murdoch for you to smile and hear “Happy New Year” from the heart. And to the rest of the FOX family for all they have done as well including KTTV folks at home here.


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