Hell’s Kitchen 2014 fails viewers again!

What should have been the correct final two contestants were Sade and Bryant. These two were clearly with it and honestly Jen was a very close third if not almost second. I am writing this blog because the Sade decision showed that Chef Ramsey got it wrong and how he got it wrong was by taking the weaker contestant clearly against the stronger of the strong two. In essence this fixes the game because Bryant is clearly the better chef than Natasha and if she does win it would be I believe race based on two levels. If Chef Ramsey had taken Sade over Natasha I wouldn’t smell such a big rat. But rewarding the weakest of the four remaining chefs was a huge mistake. Either Chef Ramsey’s judgment is undercooked or FOX execs burned the finally altogether…I believe it was overcooked.

This then brings a serious credibility issue to Hell’s Kitchen as it becomes apparent twice in a row that ‘Politically Correct’ decisions were made over the real talents. Let me be very clear here. My points are not based on racism. Sade is a black woman and I actually considered she should have won so you can all throw that thought out the window if you are going to hammer me. What I am getting at here is that what once was a real Hell’s Kitchen based on real performance is now what I see as a fixed game.

A few shows back a Gay Female won out over a Straight Male chef. That male chef was clearly the better chef, we all saw it here, and it was then that sadly, I had to call it as it is. This is what really, really hurts as a long time viewer of this show is that it has become a game of either being fixed or sadly I must call into a big question Chef Ramsey’s credibility of judgment. Feel I am wrong, then feel free to weigh in on the issue. Personal attacks here won’t get put through…got it!

It is one thing to be an entertainment venue but when it is based on competition, it shouldn’t be fixed either by accident of judgment or on purpose and I believe the later.


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