Making FOX Tops!

Hello great sir…Mr. Rupert Murdoch and welcome to 3 shows that make FOX tops in the viewership! Each has a built-in audience and can be built up from there, so it’s a triple whammy from there. Don’t ya just love the odds? I do!

Lets get started with number one and one you and I Mr. Murdoch will always love. Sticking it to Ted Turner ‘TNT’ (Totalitarian Network Television), that shriveled prune of a commie bastard. Why not stick it to em big time and what better way then by taking one of his biggest recent mistakes in the TV series brand name of “DALLAS”

Turner’s people were stupid enough to let the franchise go and CBS (Communist Broadcasting System) the good folks who cover Obama’s ass like ABC and NBC (we’ll get to those in a moment) 😉 other losers all deserve for FOX to stick it in their eyes for being the dumb-asses they truly are. So let’s take the southerner commie pinko ahole who has verbally attacked you in the past and really stick it to this ahole bigtime. Pickup the “Dallas” franchise, hire great writers and broadcast on Friday nights coast-to-coast at 9pm. Turner would be so furious he might do us all a favor and have a coronary on the spot!

Now lets talk about NBC (Nothing But Crap) They were stupid enough to jerk Jay Leno off. FOX has wanted a late night comedy show for quite some time. Jay Leno is out there. Yeah, I know, NBC locked him supposedly into a deal. But if a bigger and better coast-to-coast deal were to come along, I’d be willing to bet that FOX and Leno would be numero uno every weekday night. Stick Leno on FOX at 11pm every weekday night and ratings nailed. Because none of the other late night comediennes had the draw potential that Leno still commands. New set, upscale new band, maybe a cool sidekick like an Ed McMahon type and we’re good weekday nights.

Now let us talk about locking up Midday’s every weekday right after the lovely Lisa Breck and company finish their show 😉 ABC ( A Bunch of Crap ) why, because they broadcast it! Pick up the All My Children and One Life To Live franchise, stick great writers on it and take the entire midday early afternoon time frames with viewers by the millions and hook in a national audience all week long.

If you take these franchises discarded by stupid executives, spruce them up and air them, you will gather millions of new viewers bar none and make FOX tops for years to come and that’s no Ted Turner and ilk.


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